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26 July 2008

I need a pep talk. [More:]I replied yes to a casual friend's 40th birthday party that is getting started in one half hour from now. I do not want to go, but must force myself because I replied yes and it would be rude not to show up, but I'm not so sure they would care.

I need to jump in the shower. It will be no problem showing up fashionably late, but I need a kick in the ass to go. A big kick. I think there is going to be a male stripper and that makes me all the more unwilling.

This sucks. I'm getting in the shower but this sucks. Why did I reply yes?
Are you in the shower yet?????

(Go. Turning 40 needs all the support you can get. )
posted by bunnyfire 26 July | 18:16
No, but I'm going to the showers now. I really am.

You're right, bunnyfire. Thanks.
posted by LoriFLA 26 July | 18:21
Go go go go go go go go go go!

Birthday cake, getting the chance to dress up and look all beauteeful (like you always do I bet;)), AND, the chance to see some random dude in a thong--now how can anyone pass up on an opportunity like that???
posted by hadjiboy 26 July | 18:38
Do it for Miss Manners, if not for your friend. You don't have to stay long, but should make an appearance and congratulate the guest of honor.
posted by rhapsodie 26 July | 18:39
I'm smelling good and ready to get out of here soon. Thanks, people!

I'm going to stop by ABC Liquors for a bottle of wine and scratch off lottery tickets for a little present. Because I'm classy like that.

My next hurdle is not to drink too much.
posted by LoriFLA 26 July | 18:41
90% of life is just showing up.
posted by stilicho 26 July | 19:36
I went. I had fun. I saw some old friends. I met some new, cool people. I had four beers. Mingled. Sang happy birthday and split. I am very glad I went. The birthday girl was happy to see me.
posted by LoriFLA 26 July | 22:53
I went to a friend's party tonight, and I wasn't going to, and I'm happy I decided to pull my finger out and go because he was happy to see me, and I got there just in time for the first set - they had bass, guitar, and drums set up in one corner of the yard. I also got to talk to a pretty girl, and an old acquaintance so all is good.

So, I'm glad I went, and you're glad you went, so I suppose this is a post-pep talk or something. Either way, yay us!
posted by Zack_Replica 27 July | 04:19
What a fun present! When I turned 21, my dad and stepmom got me $21 worth of scratch offs. I think I actually got $5 back, but it was fun fun fun.

Glad you went...
posted by Stewriffic 27 July | 10:03
I definitely feel this way sometimes, where I'm in my house the hour before I'm supposed to leave thinking why, whyyyy did I say I would attend this? I almost always enjoy myself once I get there, though; I can't think of any event where I decided to attend and I regretted it.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 27 July | 22:02
Explain this New Yorker cartoon to me || I never did tell you how it ended with Khadija, did I?