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25 July 2008

"The Last Lecture" Professor Passes Away.... [More:]Randy Pausch loses his battle with pancreatic cancer. I followed his blog online and was rooting for him for a long time. I kinda had a feeling things weren't great when it's been several weeks since he posted an update. Rest in Peace, Randy. You charged full-tilt into life and never let cancer defeat you.
Personally, I am devastated by this news. My own husband is scheduled to perform a similar procedure as his in the near future. This is too close for comfort. I hate this. May his family proper.
posted by msali 25 July | 19:21
Sorry to say it so harshly, but I fucking hate cancer.
posted by redvixen 25 July | 19:24
Here's his last commercial. - I made a post (not that one) today about him too. I only recently found his lecture through the ad. :(

Prostate cancer killed my grandfather after ten years. Cancer, like, sucks. *kicks something*
posted by dabitch 25 July | 19:28
You are not a super adgrunt

I think I'm glad.
posted by DarkForest 25 July | 20:15
It is very sad. I liked his last lecture. Many parts where great, I especially appreciate when he advises to take people's advice. If they're trying to steer you right, be receptive and open. Listen.
posted by LoriFLA 25 July | 20:29
I think I'm glad.
Shoot! I'm sorry DarkForest that one was supposed to be open. It is now. My apologies. (I'd leave it all open in a heartbeat if I did not have to foot the bill.)
posted by dabitch 25 July | 20:48
I'm sorry DarkForest

My apologies too, for my comment. Didn't mean it as nasty as it came out. I really need to get my snark gland removed.
posted by DarkForest 25 July | 21:00
It sucks. He seemed so alive just a few months ago in the graduation speech he gave. It's a local story for me, he lived here in Pittsburgh and I'm a pretty recent CMU alum. I never met him but I know a bunch of people who knew him, the high-tech community is pretty tightly knit here. Seeing as he is/was only three years older than me, it really makes me think about living every day as much as I can.
posted by octothorpe 25 July | 21:57
I am so totally making this tonight. || I like anything Jamie Hewlett does