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24 July 2008

Happy birthday occhiblu! Have a great day. Hope you've finished unpacking!
Happy birfday!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 24 July | 11:54
Occhiblu! Happy Birthday!
posted by LoriFLA 24 July | 11:54
Happy Birthday!
posted by Hugh Janus 24 July | 11:55
Happy birthday occhiblublublu
posted by rainbaby 24 July | 12:10
happy birthday!
posted by Stewriffic 24 July | 12:12
Oooooh happy birthday! Whuffles coming your way!
posted by Specklet 24 July | 12:13
Happy Birthday! Wishing you a great day and a wonderful year.
posted by Kangaroo 24 July | 12:16
ooo! Occhiblu birthday! Happy happy birthday, occhiblu!
posted by small_ruminant 24 July | 12:17
Happy day to someone who rocks both in a fake internet sense and in real life!
posted by mudpuppie 24 July | 12:21
happy birthday! I hope you've moved to somewhere fabulous.
posted by altolinguistic 24 July | 12:27
Happy occhiday!
posted by scody 24 July | 12:32
Happy birthday, occhiblu! I hope the move has gone smoothly --- that would be the best birthday gift!

Plus cake.
posted by Elsa 24 July | 12:36
Happy Birthday, Gnocchiblu!
posted by Lipstick Thespian 24 July | 12:42
Snappy Smurfday!
posted by rmless2 24 July | 12:45
Happy Cake Day!

Happy Birthday,
Happy Year!
posted by mightshould 24 July | 12:53
Yay! Happy birthday!! Hope it is the awesomest.
posted by Sil 24 July | 12:55
happy happy birthday birthday!!!
posted by mygothlaundry 24 July | 13:15
Oh, it's your birthday! Hooray!
posted by tangerine 24 July | 13:17
Happy b-day, occhi!!
posted by BoringPostcards 24 July | 13:18
Hope you've finished unpacking!

HA! Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha.


But thank you all! It is a sunny day, now that the fog has burned off, and our new dining room chairs arrived and only two of them were broken, so that's exciting, and I shall go to the gym in a minute, which will be nice, and then I plan on spending most of the afternoon at a cafe with a lovely outdoor patio including koi pond, and then ikkyu and I are going to a lovely restaurant with views of the ocean for dinner.

I mean, they have food, too, but you can eat the food while watching the ocean. Or not. Your choice.

And I know there's one box in this mess that I can easily unpack, so I might get to that one today, but my birthday gift to myself is ignoring all the rest of them until this weekend, when ikkyu is around to share the pain.

Or joy. Whatever.

Basically, I've hit the point where indecision has set in, which is deadly while unpacking. DEADLY, I tell you.

Right. I'll stop rambling now. But I won't apologize for having rambled, because it's my birthday!
posted by occhiblu 24 July | 13:20
Happy MFing Birthday!
posted by Hellbient 24 July | 14:19
Yay! Birthday! Happy, happy!
posted by Pips 24 July | 14:45
Happy birthday! and good luck unpacking, I get the unpack indecision all the time.
"hm, should I put the plates here, or the glasses. well, it's easier to reach, and plates can be heavy if I grab a stack, so that's good. but glasses are used more often..."
posted by kellydamnit 24 July | 14:45
Happy birthday occhiblu!
posted by goo 24 July | 14:58
Happy birthday, occhiblu!
Sounds like you have a great day planned.
posted by lilywing13 24 July | 15:20
Happy birthday, occhi!
posted by box 24 July | 15:26
Bon anniversaire, yeuxbleus!
posted by brujita 24 July | 15:59
Happy birthday, Ms. O. Hope your life is settling down a bit. And that you have some magnificent cheese and wine.
posted by Miko 24 July | 16:55
Happy, Happy, Birthday!!
posted by redvixen 24 July | 17:55
Happy Birthday!
posted by bunnyfire 24 July | 19:50
What you need to do is unsoberly open and pick through things with an unfocused goal of hunt and peck fun, because you really need to find that cute scarf or espresso cup. When you are fully sober again, the mess will drive you nuts enough to go and a place to start, after living with the chaos long enough to appreciate it.

Happy birthday.
Get free stuff.
posted by ethylene 24 July | 20:32
Hey lady! I'm late to the party, and I can't stay, but I couldn't let this thread go by without saying happy birthday! All the best to a great person.
posted by richat 24 July | 21:05
Hope it was a good one, occhi!b
posted by jrossi4r 24 July | 22:51
What, it was occhiblu's birthday... awwww, man! I miss all the good stuff.

Sorry for showing up late to the party birthday girl, but I hope you had fun and keep on having it for a long, Long, LONG while!!!

Happy Birthday!
posted by hadjiboy 26 July | 10:33
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