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20 July 2008

Photo Friday Idea: First Thing In The Morning. We have to post a pic of ourselves as we look pre-grooming when we first awaken. I think it could be illuminating. or frightening. or both.
I wouldn't do that to you guys.
posted by Miko 20 July | 10:34
Miko, I think it would be cool to show that well, pretty much everybody looks like hell in the AM. It's very equalizing.
posted by jonmc 20 July | 10:41
Here. Terrifying, yes. That was also taken during the two or so weeks that I didn't realize the white balance on my camera was set on fluorescent light, which gave everything an eerie blue glow.
posted by mygothlaundry 20 July | 11:03
Here's mine from Leap Day. And that's after a shower.
posted by rhapsodie 20 July | 12:05
I wish I could unclick that link, jonmc.
On the other hand, rhapsodie looks great at any time, apparently.
posted by StickyCarpet 20 July | 12:43
Guess I'll find out if the cam on my phone has a flash. that's the beastie that gets me up at 5:godawful in the morning. Sometimes I even get up.
posted by lysdexic 20 July | 12:57
The only reason I look halfway decent in this is because the exposure is so overblown that you cant see my wrinkles and puffiness. Also, the pic was taken a few years ago.
posted by Specklet 20 July | 14:56
well, that and it looks like you're naked.
posted by jonmc 20 July | 15:09
And like my closet exploded.
posted by Specklet 20 July | 15:22
*kisses mygoth's sleepy cheek*
posted by Specklet 20 July | 15:22
There's no way rhapsodie could look bad, no matter how disheveled.

It'd be hilarious to see all you famous mecha people as you first stumble or hobble out of bed (or maybe you all wake up right eyed and ready to go). I sure don't want to see what I look like in the morning. I'm sure it's very gross, and since it's hot here lately, too much skin would be involved.

But, please, all the rest of you do it!
posted by DarkForest 20 July | 16:08
I look pretty much the same on awakening as any other time. Boring, sorry.
posted by Wolfdog 20 July | 16:24
I'll make sure to put my bed up on cinder blocks the night before my morning pic. I don't want to be puffy.
posted by LoriFLA 20 July | 17:09
That would be the head of the bed. duh
posted by LoriFLA 20 July | 18:09
I really like this idea.
Hopefully I will have some stellar bed-head.
posted by CitrusFreak12 20 July | 21:33
I'm not sure that the internets could handle my visage before I've had my coffee and Post-Gazette. The cats won't even come near me.
posted by octothorpe 20 July | 21:42
If this ever happens, I'm game. (Not to mention game-y, at that time of morning, but yeah.. count me in.)
posted by BoringPostcards 20 July | 22:21
I happened to take a terrifying morning shot of myself just a few days ago to demonstrate to my LJ-friends just how washed-out my dye job had become. Sleepy, unwashed, and creased, oh boy. (And I never wear glasses in photos.)
posted by mykescipark 21 July | 02:03
Here is a series.
posted by Meatbomb 21 July | 03:35
octothorpe, If I'm not mistaken, back in the day, the Post-Gazette had both a morning and evening edition, and you could get both delivered separately. The Pittsburgh Press was afternoon only, although there was an earlier and later edition, and you could specify either for delivery. Early came at 3-4 pm later at 5-6.
posted by StickyCarpet 21 July | 08:15
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