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19 July 2008

Toothpaste: Gel or Paste? [More:]

Pips buys that half-liquid half-gel stuff where you have to shake the bottle when it gets near empty. One time she was on a cinnamon flavor kick and I had to do that and some flew out and hit me in the eye. it burned, man. But what a dopey way to maim yourself.
posted by jonmc 19 July | 19:34
OOh, I used to love cinnamon Closeup. I'm pretty sure I have got toothpaste in the eye as well. It's not pleasant.
posted by LoriFLA 19 July | 19:35
Gel FTW.
posted by sperose 19 July | 19:44
Paste, always, up till a few years ago when I somehow ended up with some gel by accident. I forget how it happened, but I had to force myself to use it the first time. Still paste 99% of the time. Been using Tom's Toothpaste for a few years, but it's getting too expensive now.
posted by DarkForest 19 July | 19:55
I used this stuff called Nature d' France French Green Clay toothpaste for the longest time. Basically it was green mud with mint flavor in it. It was great.

But they quit making it and so I switched to Tom's flouride peppermint with baking soda. I can't use anything else.

Toothpaste seems pretty personal.
posted by danf 19 July | 19:59
Cinnamon Crest.

posted by Kangaroo 19 July | 20:26
I change it up pretty frequently, back and forth between high-tech and organic. Almost always paste, though.
posted by box 19 July | 20:29
I want to be one of these high-tech or organic toothpaste users. I use Colgate paste.
posted by LoriFLA 19 July | 20:40
I hate to admit but without going upstairs to look in the bathroom, I have no idea what toothpaste we have. I know that I use it twice a day but I couldn't tell you what it is. The worst part, is that I do the grocery shopping so I probably bought that tube of toothpaste.
posted by octothorpe 19 July | 20:40
some flew out and hit me in the eye. it burned, manI've seen a movie like that.
posted by plinth 19 July | 20:56
Because brushing your teeth with saccharin/artificial sweeteners makes so much sense, I use Tom's of Maine (or an equivalent paste) as they leave that out.
posted by Zack_Replica 19 July | 21:11
OK, went upstairs and the answer is Crest Paste.
posted by octothorpe 19 July | 21:48
I generally pick up a paste, but I have no preference. I look for other things in toothpaste- whitening, fun flavors, and these days, the "sensitive teeth" variety above all.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 19 July | 22:41
Oh, I don't care. I guess I think "paste" is slightly less gross than "gel," just because "gel" sounds more, I dunno, scientific and sterile -- but it's all pretty gross anyway.

One thing about Tom's -- I get WAY more canker sores when I use it. Probably sheer coincidence, but, while I use other Tom's products, I no longer use Tom's toothpaste, ever.
posted by treepour 19 July | 23:23
I just noticed that I have both. I have no idea which I used ten minutes ago. They're both on-going. That's life on my toothpaste edge, apparently.
posted by fluffy battle kitten 20 July | 00:03
Funny, I just went to the supermarket, and as I was buying tooth{paste,gel} I looked at the shelf, saw two that looked the same, and thought "hey, what's the difference between these two? Oh, this one's a gel. Yeah, gonna try that one". Haven't tried it yet, will keep you posted :)
posted by qvantamon 20 July | 03:14
I usually go for paste. If it has cavity or plaque fighting stuff in it, even better.
posted by reenum 20 July | 08:17
whatever is supposed to strengthen the enamel.
posted by brujita 20 July | 14:48
People act so crazy around corn. || Tiny bits of happiness.