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16 July 2008

Greetings from Hawaii (just to continue the theme)[More:] Embarassingly enough I am bored and lonely.

It turns out the Hilo side of the island is NOT the place for surfing. I have new appreciation for my NorCal beaches. They may be rough and freezing but at least they're roomy and covered with sand instead of lava rock. The lava rock doesn't phase the natives but scares the bejeezus out of me.

My travelling companions are here for hula and learning Hawaiian language and would like very very much to be mistaken for Hawaiian natives, which is an attitude that's always confused me. I think people are plenty exotic whereever they're from so why fake it? However, it's making more sense because they get talked to (as non-whites) and I do not, (as a blonde-for-now haole).

So. So far Hawaii is not for me. I miss my ocean and forest and land-faring animals that are bigger than a mongoose.

Not to mention hamburgers and fast-tempo music.

Though I heard a Hawaiian remake of 7 Spanish Angels that made my day, and the call in radio seems to be passive aggressively complaining about other people. I actually like it- it cracks me up plus I think it's probably effective. I can't write the accent- you have to just imagine it.

Example: "Hey my friend! I just wanted to tell people... they should practice aloha and LET PEOPLE MERGE in at the Huale'e'a'le junction! (I just made that street up) You know? I know! Is frustrating to drive! Frustrating and people get angry! But its only few minute is all..."

Radio announcer: "You are so right my friend! I will get the word out there! Maholo for calling my friend!" "So all you people out there- keep the old way and let your neighbors in the road! OK?" etc etc

OK enough for now.

It's beautiful and you can eat the mangoes that fall on the road. And I am on an island with a live volcano. That doesn't speak well of my sense of self-preservation.
Mangoes yay! Volcanoes not so yay. How long will you be there? Can you perhaps work towards some project to amuse you more?
posted by gomichild 17 July | 03:54
How long are you there? I have some awesome friends there who might have time to show you some really cool non-touristy things.
posted by Specklet 17 July | 05:49
The MrsMoonPie and I had a fabulous time in Hilo two years ago. Be sure to hit the farmer's market Saturday. And go see the lava!
posted by mrmoonpie 17 July | 09:38
Akaka Falls. The Red Road. The Volcano. The Saddle Road (if you have the right car).

Yes, I found the surf there (I was in Kona, but the same applies) was either too big for me (and with very hostile locals) or way too small. But it was warm.

Give it time, though. I think it will grow on you. How's the Vog? My sense is that Hilo does not get as much of it as the other side of the island.
posted by danf 17 July | 09:55
I'm only here til Saturday at noon.

I am working on recalibrating my entertainment habits regarding water. Today is snorkelling and tonight is lava flow, probably.

I did go check out the volcano and it was really awe inspiring. I texted a pic of the crater and plume to a friend who summed up things up well:

"Cool stuff. Is that a volcano? Maybe you better run."

The argument is that they can USUALLY tell when a volcano's going to go but *I* live in earthquake country and that's just dumb! So. It's all relative.

Thanks for the validation, danf (seriously) because my housemates are pretty sure it's in my head. But dude- San Francisco might be known for bitchy locals but Ocean Beach doesn't hold a candle to these folks.
posted by small_ruminant 17 July | 11:41
There are many layers of local. I am sure that the Hawaiians have their own caste system (commoners used to get executed for stepping on the shadows of royalty), but out in the water the Haoles are way below them but still have a lot of local stuff going on.

My friend in Kona can ride anything, and hanging out on the shore talking, it was like I was along but I did not exist, nor did he introduce me to anyone.

Have a good rest of the trip. There is a nice little hippie sandwich place in the middle of town. I forget the name but it's by the Wal-Mart, I think.
posted by danf 17 July | 14:23
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