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14 July 2008

ha! So if you're ever driving down the busiest street in your city while illegally chatting on your phone without a hands free thing, and you rear end someone on her way home from work, remember to cut your engine off after your radiator empties its contents onto the road.

Guess what's going on outside my house RIGHT NOW! Idiot. We shouted at him to turn his car off since it was running with no coolant but he hasn't so far. Quickly to go from a semirecent Jetta with some bodywork and a radiator to a totaled jetta with a shot engine.

The poor fucker hit a nurse. If there is one thing I've learned in this life it's NEVER FUCK WITH A NURSE. Those gals are solid steel.
Heh... I think your 'running engine' problem should fix itself fairly quickly then.
posted by pompomtom 14 July | 19:07
NEVER FUCK WITH A NURSE. Those gals are solid steel.
Ha ha.

The guy was probably nervous as hell and forgot to cut the engine. I remember everyone telling me I was nervous after a wreck I had (I know a cop that was on the scene). I kept disagreeing with them and telling them I was pretty calm considering the circumstances. They say no.

Glad nobody was seriously injured, kellydammit.
posted by LoriFLA 14 July | 20:21
God, I wish that we had a "no cell phone" law. I seem to be constantly having to avoid chattering idiots who aren't paying any attention to the road or other cars or bikes or pedestrians.
posted by octothorpe 14 July | 21:36
Nah, they couldn't have been going more than 30. His car was totaled (since yes, the engine problem did rectify itself when he didn't turn it off), but hers barely had a scratch. It's a busy road. Traffic might back up from the light a good seven or eight buildings, she was stopping, he didn't notice.
posted by kellydamnit 14 July | 21:42
Maybe he *wanted* to total the car?

Like "Whatever, after this crash the resale value is going down, might as well total it and get the insurance cash".
posted by qvantamon 14 July | 23:16
I bet you're right, qvantamon. That's what I'd do.

Of course, I have neither a car nor a license to drive one. I don't really have the inclination to, either, since most people are negligent drivers. Even the professionals, but I guess you gotta trust someone, huh?

Otherwise you go nowhere.
posted by Hugh Janus 15 July | 07:57
One of the best things I saw from my old window on 24th St was an older sedan that rear ended an incredibly tricked out Escalade. The latinos jumped out of the truck chests puffed and quien es machoing themselves into a lather, ready to kick some ass. The doors of the car opened and out climbed five tiny, old nuns. I've never seen such an utterly palpable conflict between pack rage, involuntary Catholicism and complete disappointment over not being able to make a scene.
posted by Frisbee Girl 15 July | 18:52
Frisbee Girl, you just made my WEEK. :)
posted by BoringPostcards 15 July | 21:36
OK, best visual ever!
posted by kellydamnit 15 July | 22:56
posted by Frisbee Girl 16 July | 12:11
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