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14 July 2008

For pips' b-day dinner, we went to a local southwestern restaurant. They had a shot that required me to sign a waiver, it was habanero infused tequila. I downed it. Told you I was hardcore. Pips simply had a number of margaritas.
He's insane, I tells ya, insane. I took a tiny little taste and my mouth was on fire.

Delicious dinner, though. The margaritas were lovely. Cupcakes and lottery tickets await.
posted by Pips 14 July | 20:05
Oh my god, he is insane! I went out the other night and a friend bought the group of us a round of Patrón shots. I should have thrown that shot right over my shoulder. Instead, I drank it. It was gross. It burned. I guess that's what tequila is supposed to do. I like my tequila mixed in margaritas not served up to taste like gasoline.

Enjoy your cupcakes, pips!
posted by LoriFLA 14 July | 20:15
I love tequila, but I'm not much for habaneros (those are the same as scotch bonnets, right?). Glad you survived, though!

Also: HAPPY B-DAY, Pips!
posted by BoringPostcards 14 July | 20:19
BoPo: it's similar (and in the same heat range), but not exactly the same. The tequila cuts the heat a little, and I had a White Russian right after to heal my palate (followed by a Blood Orange mojito and an Irish coffee). You'd've dug it.
posted by jonmc 14 July | 20:24
no, no... beware the punisher!
posted by Pips 14 July | 20:28
Ooo... I won $2. The cute girl at the bodega gave me "Lucky Birthday" lottery tickets.
posted by Pips 14 July | 20:35
I have a great fondness for tequila as well as for assorted peppers, and I'm sure the combo is rocking together. I can actually see the habanero working even better with a smokey mezcal.

Sounds like you guys had a blast.

Damnit, now I want mezcal and, even though there's a bottle just steps away, I actually have work to do tonight. Damn. Damn. Damn damn damn.

posted by Slack-a-gogo 14 July | 21:21
mmm.... tequila

Happy Birthday, Pips!
posted by lilywing13 14 July | 22:51
This shot lives up to it's name...the next morning. uggghhhhh.
posted by jonmc 15 July | 07:24
Yeah man, that's why they say "AFTER" in all caps on that waiver. Got hydrocortisone ointment? The glycerin-based stuff goes on smoother than the cream.

Sounds like youse had a great time. Woohoo birthday girl!
posted by Hugh Janus 15 July | 08:02
I really like the sound of that... wonder what it would taste like in a margarita (probably a bit of a waste)? Was it expensive?
posted by altolinguistic 15 July | 08:49
It was $8. It was pretty hardcore.
posted by jonmc 15 July | 08:58
My friend Dan invented (?) a shot called "Malasco."

* 1 shot Jeppson's Malort
* 1 dash Tabasco

It's actually not half bad, and, if anything, smoother than the Malort straight up.

Oh, and, happy birthday, Pips!

posted by jtron 15 July | 13:48
jtron, compared to the shot I drank, a shot of tabasco is a mint milkshake.
posted by jonmc 15 July | 14:28
ha! || Soul Radio?