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13 July 2008

Dork Alert -- State your latest dork-nerd-geek delight! [More:]Me, this is boring, but -- I'm so excited that there's a new Foyle's War (Mystery!) tonight! But sad that the series is ending ... sniff!
This is a sort of self-promoting dork/nerd/geek delight, but I just got the go-ahead to produce this 5-CD box set of shortwave interval signals...
posted by mykescipark 13 July | 22:24
i need to watch The King Of Kong to get it into the mail, but the Venture Bros is about to start as i watch Heath Ledger being all cute and goofy at the end of Brothers Grimm-- i'm apparently all kinds of geeky.
posted by ethylene 13 July | 22:28
Congrats, mykescipark! Twooly dork-nerd-geek-tastic!
posted by Claudia_SF 13 July | 22:30
On Saturday, after almost a year, I finally understood tensors. A primer. Not bad for someone who had a stroke ten years that wiped clean his entire understanding of mathematics, although I still have problems with basic arithmetic.
posted by Ardiril 13 July | 22:38
Paul Weller is back on tour and will be in L.A. for two shows at the beginning of September, and I'm such a geek that I insisted my boyfriend and I make our vacation plans around it. It's SO EXCITING for Weller that he is going to get to see me in the front row again!
posted by scody 14 July | 00:03
I finally discovered Cowboy Bebop.
posted by dismas 14 July | 01:04
I won a small but passionate argument about Old Earth relics in Frank Herbert's Dune universe by reminding my friend that when Sheana and the ghola Duncan fled in the no-ship, they took Mother Superior's stasis-preserved Van Gogh with them.
posted by ninazer0 14 July | 03:09
I've been laughing for days about the online pen retailer, Pen Island.

I think that falls under "dork delight."
posted by Hugh Janus 14 July | 08:39
I am obsessed with watching Ninja Warrior.
posted by JanetLand 14 July | 08:39
Was quite honestly sad to realize that there would be no new Doctor Who episode commentary podcast to download this morning, because the latest series (season) ended a week ago.

However, this was alleviated by the discovery of the first season of Life On Mars (provided through the kindness of strangers), complete with original music.
posted by grabbingsand 14 July | 08:53
I added "Finish grad school!" as a task on my Palm Pilot. I am giddy about being able to click it as "Done" with the stylus at 9:15 tonight.
posted by occhiblu 14 July | 09:10
I um, have proxy nerdiness because one of my improv team members came to practice hungover from....

....a Pretend Viking party, wherein he drank too much mead.

I think I should get Honorary Geek status for even knowing people like this, and hanging out with them.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 14 July | 10:16
Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: [as Herger offers a mead horn] I can taste neither the fermentation of grape, nor of wheat.

[Herger laughs]

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: What? Why do you laugh?

Herger the Joyous: [laughing, and handing over the bottle] HONEY! It's made from honey!
posted by Hugh Janus 14 July | 10:24
I played D&D on Saturday. The best part was probably when my character cast a spell called Arc of Lightning, which invokes a bolt of lightning between two bad guys, also hitting anyone in between. I did 37 HP of damage to any bad guy caught in that bolt (except one that made his reflex save - but he still got half damage).
posted by misskaz 14 July | 11:54
Ok, beat this: I am now dating the chair of an anime con!
posted by pieisexactlythree 14 July | 13:11
I got to work with Terry Funk a few weeks ago.
posted by jtron 14 July | 15:26
Hah, and I just noticed my dice bag is still in my purse. I should start rolling to decide what I'm going to do or not do at work throughout the day.
posted by misskaz 14 July | 15:48
Every time I come back to this thread, or see this thread on the front page, or think about this thread, the Viking Party and mead overindulgence makes me giggle. And not in a cute girly way, either, but in a big ol' snorty guffaw sort of way.
posted by occhiblu 14 July | 16:09
pie wins!

misskaz, I think you just won honourable mention with that 2nd comment tho...
posted by lonefrontranger 14 July | 16:47
And the winner of Miss Universe is... || The roofers' choice of radio stations