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11 July 2008

Save These Houseplants [More:]None of our staff have green thumbs, and I have no idea what these poor guys need. Can you give some advice before they die?

They are all in an office that is very hot during the day. The sun here is direct and harsh, so they have all had a mixture of being outside in glaring direct sun or inside in complete shade with minimal sun. There are minimal opportunities for a happy medium of sunshine.

The links and more specifics are available here:

Please, guys, even if you don't like me don't hold it against these innocent plants?

Please, guys, even if you don't like me don't hold it against these innocent plants?

As I generally only remember to water a plant once it's gone crispy, I am hardly one to condemn your care of these plants, meatbomb.
posted by essexjan 11 July | 08:30
I made some notes on the flickr photos. *salutes*
posted by Specklet 11 July | 09:05
Fantastic, Specklet. You don't know how happy it makes me to find out I am sharing my office with a Green Wandering Jew! :)
posted by Meatbomb 11 July | 09:11
I live but to serve.

If you need any advice on re-potting or starting things, just lemme know.
posted by Specklet 11 July | 09:24
Specklet did you right. The only thing I'll add is that yeah, they all look like they're getting too much sun. How about hanging up some curtains? Some sort of gauzy transparent stuff ought to block the light enough to keep them happier. Might keep the people in your office happier too, you never know.
posted by mygothlaundry 11 July | 09:25
Meatbomb I added a couple notes.

In general, keep in mind that most houseplants are chosen and cultivated for their tolerance of deep shade and cool, dark surroundings. So it's always a safe bet (unless it's a succulent or cactus variety) to keep them out of direct sunlight. Your plants all look to be getting far too much light and heat, and not enough water.

Maybe re-pot and feed them as well. One of the biggest problems with letting plants overdry and then soaking them, and also not repotting them on a semi-regular basis (once a year is generally enough) is that any salts / chemicals held up in your tap water will precipitate out in the soil and concentrate into toxic levels.

If you can avoid it, don't use softened water as the salts will slowly kill them. A good rule of thumb is to fill a watering pot with cold, preferably filtered, tap water, then let it stand for awhile so that you don't shock the roots with cold.
posted by lonefrontranger 11 July | 09:50
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