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09 July 2008


What's for lunch?

Me: uuuge roast beef, jack cheese, kosher pickle slice, dijon mustard and arugula homebrew Dagwood concoction on sourdough.

with fresh black cherries for dessert. Yum!
We're pretty much out of cold cuts.
I AM SAD. I heart my sandwiches.
posted by CitrusFreak12 09 July | 12:18
Home Run Inn pizza. Sausage flavor. It's frozen pizza, but sadly, it's the best pizza around. I wish we had a good take out place, but man, it appears that no Italians ever settled in the Triangle that know how to make a good pie. So frozen it is. Good stuff, though.
posted by msali 09 July | 12:19
Turkey and Cheddar Lunchable (yes, I am 5 years old), string cheese, packet of mini muffins and a Coke.

Anything else requires wayyyyy too much thought in the mornings than I am capable of. Plus it would involve me actually interacting with my mother, which has been something that is not pleasant for any parties involved.
posted by sperose 09 July | 12:20
Italian sausage, onion, and pepper. I'm having more fun planning a picnic supper for tonight, which includes the saus/on/pep but also pesto and cherry tomatoes in some form or other.
posted by Miko 09 July | 12:25
Italian sausage, onion, and pepper.
Occupies a high (if nonspecific) position in my pantheon of all-time favorites.
posted by Wolfdog 09 July | 12:29
Sip of a vodka smoothie.
So was not a good idea now that i suddenly have to deal with "sober individuals" about "important things."
Water. i need water.
posted by ethylene 09 July | 12:33
I made a pinto bean stew last night. That's my lunch. I have some Scharffenberger for dessert.
posted by special-k 09 July | 12:47
Gigantic salad with various lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, artichoke hearts, and grilled chicken with a balsamic vinaigrette I whipped up myself. Got it from the salad bar place across the street from the office, so it was crazy expensive (they charge by weight for the salad bar) but healthy and delicious.

And a "double-fiber" whole grain english muffin with some Smart Balance Buttery Spread on it.

The sad thing is I'm stuffed to the gills with this healthy food, and *still* have to fight a craving for some chocolate or something.
posted by misskaz 09 July | 12:50
I just ate lunch. Chickpeas with chopped up tomatoes, red peppers, carrots, red onion, feta, cilantro, lemon juice and a splash of olive oil, made last night and marinated in the fridge. NOM NOM NOM. Also a big handful of grapes and a kashi oatmeal cookie.

I have a nectarine for later.
posted by gaspode 09 July | 12:52
Last night, I grilled a couple of eggplants and tomatoes--they went straight from the garden to the grill, never even made it into the house before cooking. That's fresh!

I then used them to make a wonderful Indian thing, which I served with tandoori chicken. Leftovers for lunch today.

We've entered tomato sandwich season at Chez MoonPie. Home-grown tomatoes, mayonaisse, salt and pepper, on the really good bread we can buy at Firehook or Marvelous Market or Eastern Market. Good stuff.
posted by mrmoonpie 09 July | 13:07
Banana sammich with mayo on whole wheat. With Crystal Lite Pink Lemonade.
posted by bunnyfire 09 July | 13:16
I made fattoush last night and I just ate it (I kept the toasted pita bits separate). I used extra sumac because I like it really sour.
It was good but I am having a terrible day and I want chocolate cake with a chocolate chip cookie on top and I don't know where to get that.
posted by rmless2 09 July | 13:51
Frozen kashi pesto pasta thing that I found in the back of the freezer during my hectic early morning. Not too terrible. Not too damn good, either. But hey, I've only had 290 calories so far today - hurrah for unhealthy starvation dieting! Shut UP. It's better than the cocaine and lettuce diet although, IIRC from my early 20s, that diet really, really works. Kidding. Sort of.
posted by mygothlaundry 09 July | 14:07
Just ordered a pizza. Pesto cream sauce, roasted garlic, spinach, artichoke, black olive. I hope it's delicious, because it will probably turn out to be both lunch and dinner.
posted by box 09 July | 14:42
The ingredients were on sale yesterday, so it's pastrami and pepper jack cheese, toasted in the toaster oven at work, with butter on the outside of the slices.
posted by lysdexic 09 July | 14:48
Not quite brekkie time here yet...
posted by gomichild 09 July | 15:09
rmless, thank you for that link - it led me to a great recipe for mint chutney. Have been wanting to know how to make this stuff for awhile, especially since my fave Indian place mysteriously stopped serving it (boo! hiss!) in favour of sweeter chutnies. Daggoned locals and their mainstream market taste preferences. Me no likey sweet crap on main courses kthx.
posted by lonefrontranger 09 July | 15:20
I am delighted to have the makings for that very sandwich (except arugula), lonefronter, since your description was very appetite-inducing. To increase veggie content I have Four-Bean Salad.

Speaking of which, any Bean Salad aficionados out there? Anybody make your own? Can a bottle of a decent vinaigrette work on Da Beans? And how many and which bean varieties work for you? Sometimes I even consider throwing in Limas. Sufferin' Succotash!!
posted by wendell 09 July | 15:44
Zuricher bratwurst with hot mustard, a roll and Diet Coke.
posted by brujita 09 July | 16:45
no prob, lonefrontranger... let us know how it turns out!
posted by rmless2 09 July | 18:18
Want!!!! || Retro Cakes!