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09 July 2008

Today at work, I saw a dude at the registers (about 50 feet across the store from where I'm situated. He had a 'backpack,' consisting of two cardboard boxes wrapped in what looked like tinfoil. On an armature protruding from a helmet on his head was what looked like a camera. Gary, one of my homeless regulars, looked at him "From the Moon or Mars?" "Maybe SoHo," I answered. Which went to the heart of teh qeustion about the man: crazy? artist? both?

You be the judge!
I think he's clearly from another dimension of space.

I like to think that he's travelled a long way through the universe, past shooting stars and black holes, to be at your bookstore.

Whether he is an alien artist is still up for debate, though.
posted by jonathanstrange 09 July | 20:49
looked like a camera, ...
Was it┐ Did you Ask the dude┐ [for some footage, you understand.]
'Hey Man, got some footage┐'

Thanks for that, jonmc.
I enjoy reading your bookshop tales. They're great.
You need to compile *book*, ahem...

Now, why do you not have a shot of the dude┐
I'll personally send you a keyfob digital camera to record the goings on.
[it may be lo-res, but it'd be cool]
Hell, I wanna see a website of the clients, tarrying.
Tinfoil backpacks and all./

Good to hear NY is still being itself, NY'ish.
posted by alicesshoe 09 July | 20:51
I would've asked but I didn't get a chance, since we were busy, and I've heard enough crazy homeless guy theories to be wary of hearing more. I've worked retail on and off for about 15 years and every place I've worked has had a resident yo-yo or two, most of them harmless, and if he's nuts at least he's creatively nuts.

(I have a camera, I just didn't take it to work today. I've never seen the dude before, and I don't know if I'll see him again. he may be leaving for Neptune, either the planet or the town in Jersey.)
posted by jonmc 09 July | 20:56
Clearly from Uranus.
posted by arse_hat 09 July | 23:00
OMG! Big Blue Head! On the streets of Midtown Manhattan! || What did you buy today?