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05 July 2008

Strawbery Shortcake for Breakfast, that's right! [More:]Hey, look what's in it:

1. A delicious, freshly baked biscuit
2. Fresh red strawberries - loaded with fiber and Vitamin C!
3. Wholesome cream, whipped to a light fluff

...and I even threw blueberries in, which are an anti-oxidant rich SUPERFOOD!

So yeah, I had dessert for breakfast. So whaddya wanna do about it?

Yum. I love summer.
We were served a version of that at my son's sponsor family's house for breakfast. It actually makes a killer breakfast food!
posted by bunnyfire 05 July | 12:00
DANG, that sounds yummy. I'm hungry.
posted by BoringPostcards 05 July | 12:05
Something I'm hoping to have for breakfast when I'm in Ohio in a couple of weeks is Bob Evans' stuffed French toast. Cinnamon French toast, stuffed with vanilla cream cheese (which is more like creme anglais), with berry compote and whipped cream.

It's so dessert-y, indulgent and delicious, and is one of the reasons I'm living on celery and carrots now, in a pre-damage limitation exercise.
posted by essexjan 05 July | 12:14
So what do I want to do about it???

I want to invite myself over to your house for breakfast!
posted by Kangaroo 05 July | 12:21
Strawberry shortcake is even more heavenly with some cornmeal in the biscuit, IMO. As Shuna indicates, she goes a bit light on the leavening - I prefer to round up a smidgen.
posted by Triode 05 July | 12:24
OMNOMNOM to all the suggestions here. I've had Greek yoghurt with chopped strawberries and a bit of muesli as a summer breakfast lately. I could eat it three meals per day. Did I mention that life without a stony gallbladder is very good?

The supermarket had sold out of strawberries when I went this afternoon, though :(
posted by altolinguistic 05 July | 12:27
Sounds like a homemade Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity to me. If IHOP can get away with it, then you certainly can.
posted by wendell 05 July | 13:49
I've had strawberry shortcake so many times for breakfast the past few weeks. And lunch. Dinner too. Occasionally dessert. But mostly breakfast.

Right now I'm just having plain strawberries for breakfast (after sampling some of my pickled carrots and zucchini), and we still have a flat of strawberries left. So there'll definitely be more today. Maybe a crisp, but hell, probably shortcake.
posted by birdie 05 July | 14:59
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