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05 July 2008

Alphabetizing Manga, Buried in Old Socks: Today I'm cleaning my brother's bedroom! [More:]

You think you know a guy...

We're gearing up to sell the house soon, so we're purging, decluttering, and generally nuking all our old stuff from orbit; brodonley is out of town this weekend with friends at an anime convention. My brother has a lot of old stuff.

Why, exactly, does he need his French textbook from three years ago? Where am I supposed to put his Japanese stuffed animals? Why does he have 45 t-shirts but only wears about 10 of them? How do I organize cables for nineteen electronic devices?

Half of me is really frustrated that his room has become a dumping ground and wants to throw it all away; half of me wants to tidy things up a little, but leave everything generally where it is (which is impossible, since the room was, until last night, brimming with stuff, and which we can't really show to prospective buyers).

Were you an incurable packrat at 18? Are most 18-year-olds? Why?

PS: Anyone want a house?
PS: Anyone want a house?

How much is the shipping?
posted by Daniel Charms 05 July | 13:45
I was, in fact, an incurable packrat when I was 18 (only three years ago). I think for me, it was probably due to a need to retain everything as I was going through the somewhat frightening life transition of moving out of my house and going to college.

I would vote against throwing everything out, at least before you give him a deadline.

As a passive-aggressive alternative, you could simply box everything by location in the room and refuse to sort anything.
posted by dismas 05 July | 15:54
I'd box everything according to what it is (T-hsirts and cuddly manga stuff = fabrics , French books, papers and magazines = paper , cables and electronic devices = electric stuffs) and get it out of there for the showing but easy enough for him to find. When he sees that he's got fifteen boxes or "paper" he might rethink the packrattyness.
posted by dabitch 06 July | 09:09
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