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02 July 2008

So... what fell on you today?
Rain. Lots of it. Thankfully we seem to have left the hail behind about three weeks ago. Still, the rain is bad. Rosemary works with a few women whos husbands farm, out in the county, and it is looking like a very bad year with truck crops, corn, soy, and cattle feed all getting flooded out and unlikely to recover.
posted by arse_hat 02 July | 23:23
The ground almost fell on me when some guy pulled out into my bike lane on Venice Blvd without checking his mirrors. Still not in the mood for another bike accident after the last one in February, thanks...
posted by mykescipark 02 July | 23:25
Another health issue.
posted by deborah 02 July | 23:37
A club-footed jib. Actually, I had to chase it, so that might not count.
posted by small_ruminant 03 July | 00:05
Immense responsibility.
posted by mudpuppie 03 July | 00:51
My pillow kept falling on top of my head... it was propped up against the wall, and whenever I moved it would fall on me.
posted by jonathanstrange 03 July | 02:34
Air pressure.
Blood pressure.
posted by ethylene 03 July | 02:42
Not sure, but it felt like a bus. Man, I'm tired.
posted by dg 03 July | 02:44
Concrete (cobblestones, really - or the modern equivalent), but I fell on it. I was walking Sky and we started down a steep incline (where we walk every day) and there was some strange white powdery stuff on the road, which turned out to be incredibly slippery - and down I went. I'm pretty sure it was marble dust from a building that's being renovated there.

Now I'm nursing a pulled thigh muscle and some ugly scrapes. owie.
posted by taz 03 July | 05:03
just cross your fingers that I don't start feeling anything in my back... I can deal with the rest - just leave my back out of it, stoopid road and slippery dust
posted by taz 03 July | 05:13
The crushing realization that there is no going back.
posted by cmonkey 03 July | 05:37
A realization that taz needs no back-crushing.
posted by Specklet 03 July | 06:10
The wrath of MetaFilter.
posted by wendell 03 July | 15:16
16 of the 40 people in my department were laid off today. || Absence of Water: