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02 July 2008

101 Picnic Dishes from Mark Bittman.
Ooh, thanks! I will definitely be referring to this later.
posted by rmless2 02 July | 08:10
That's lovely. My suppers in summertime tend to be picnic-like fare most of the time, regardless of whether I'm actually out gadding about in the meadows and so forth, so it particularly suits.

When it's down to old reliables, I'm a fan of bread, cheese, olives, and sausage in the old picnic basket. And ideally...
posted by Wolfdog 02 July | 08:18
Am weak with hunger. Also giggling at phallic beer poster.
posted by Specklet 02 July | 08:22
yay, I love Bittman. The Edamame salad looks great too.
posted by special-k 02 July | 10:02
*saves to*
posted by rhapsodie 02 July | 11:09
Oh my god, I'm going to have a picnic this weekend just to try some of these out. Thanks!
posted by scody 02 July | 12:27
I saw this in the paper this morning and set it aside. These look SO good. Most look pretty easy to make but here's the thing: It always takes me forever to make the simplest recipes. It will say, prep time 10 minutes, and half an hour later, I'm still assembling, chopping, mixing and using every cutting board and bowl in the kitchen. Is it me? Or does it take everyone who isn't a television chef with everything nicely set out in front of them a long time?

Anyway I am going to try the feta/grape thing and the cold peanut noodles tonight. All of this looks so yummy!
posted by Kangaroo 02 July | 13:52
Yeah, it usually takes me a bit longer to prep recipes than they claim it should. I see the times as more of par numbers: if you're good, this is how long it will take.

But you'll definitely cut down on cooking times if you chop and prep everything, putting them in neat little bowls in front of you before you start cooking. Then you don't get halfway through a recipe and notice that you needed three sliced onions, and you haven't even pulled them out yet and everything else is going to burn.
posted by rhapsodie 02 July | 14:27
Simple things in life. || "It smells exactly like Dimetapp and looks like a melted popsicle."