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25 April 2008

I feel like I am going to be pregnant FOREVER *wails* [More:]
37 weeks. Please let this torture end soon...
Here's a 4D scan from a few weeks ago. He's bigger now and very kicky.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by gomichild 25 April | 10:11
Yeah, well, that means you're just about ready to have the baby. They tend to come out when you are at that point where you cannot stand being pregnant one more minute and you're going insane and bumping into things and your hips hurt when you stand up for more than 10 minutes (that means the muscles and ligaments are loosening and getting ready.) I wrote out an eviction notice for my first child and put it on my belly for her to read and there you have it, a day or two later she made her way out.

Also, remember:
What got it in there will get it out.
If all else fails, try cod liver oil.

Cute baby!
posted by mygothlaundry 25 April | 10:15
Ooo eviction notice - good plan. I've been threatening to scan the 4D pic of his scrotum and post it on flickr (~_^).
posted by gomichild 25 April | 10:18
Awww can do it!

Buy a house. At least, that's what worked for my friend last weekend at 38 weeks. Her water broke a few hours after it was a done deal.

Seriously yeah, cod liver or castor oil.
posted by gaspode 25 April | 10:20
Castor oil, that's the stuff. I did that with my second kid - you MUST be truly desperate to try it; it is seriously nasty, utterly horrible and you have to drink a whole cup full. Yuck, horrible, disgusting - but it works.
posted by mygothlaundry 25 April | 10:23
Eviction notice, lol.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 25 April | 10:24
Last month is the worst. Then you get to have at least 6-8 weeks of no sleep. ;)

It gets better. When it's over, you'll have yourself a little bundle of awesome.

He's adorable, btw.
posted by middleclasstool 25 April | 10:49
gomichild, hang in there.

You know what's worse than being 40 weeks pregnant? Taking care of a brand new infant. :-) Kidding, just a little.
posted by LoriFLA 25 April | 11:08
Been thinking about you, wondering how close you were. Sounds pretty close. I had my membranes stripped before my second was born - wouldn't recommend it.

posted by lysdexic 25 April | 11:22
I was a month overdue when they finally came to get me. Just be glad that isn't you!
posted by Eideteker 25 April | 11:32
Where's the fourth dimension?
posted by TheDonF 25 April | 12:02
Hang in there it'll be over soon. My wife is going through the same situation (and is almost exactly on the same week).
posted by drezdn 25 April | 12:11
I wrote out an eviction notice for my first child
I adore you, MGL.

Poor gomi! You're at the "any minute now" point, though. Cram in some last minute fun stuff that you won't be able to do once the baby gets here. Stuff like sleeping, showering and reading a book that doesn't have pictures, pop-ups or little bits of fur to pet.
posted by jrossi4r 25 April | 12:17
We tried everything and in the end a really hot curry did the trick. Admittedly I like my currys hot so I went to my local (I could see it from my window) the Bu Ali in Dublin's Clanbrassil Street and explained the situation.
They made me a special! AARGH!
It worked (you should have seen their faces the next night when I walked across the road to show off my 7 hour old infant). Priceless, they threatened to put it on the menu but couldn't think of a name that wasn't off-putting! I suggested Insta-Baby Curry. YMMV, or rather your Scofields MV.

Hang it there, this too will pass!
posted by Wilder 25 April | 12:55
Hang in there, gomi!

It amazes me that something like a cupful of castor oil (YUCK) or a really spicy curry can induce labor.
posted by Specklet 25 April | 13:45
Nthing wilder's suggestion of the baby-inducing LA it's Caoti.
posted by brujita 25 April | 14:26
I tried everything.
running up and down the stairs - check
red hot curry - check
pineapple - check
red hot curries with pineapple -oh yeah yum, baby!
having a midwife 'pull the slime lock' or whatever it was called, don't think it was membranes stripping.
shot glass of castor oil - check
another shot glass of castor oil - eeeeeew, not again, check
nipple playing - check, uhm, hey kinda fun.
lotsasex - (difficult but totally worth it actually, made me feel better!)
midwife poking a nice big hole in the membrane so the water broke and then sent me out on a nice long walk for four hours, still no activity.

Nothing had her coming out. Finally hormone drip started the labour.

I totally know how annoying this is for you and how uncomfortable you are. Hang in there. Try mygoth's eviction notice thing!
Best of luck to you and drezdn's missus!
posted by dabitch 25 April | 14:46
My wife never had any contractions, even Braxton Hicks, except after using acupuncture for labor induction. Two sessions did get contractions going, but never brought on full labor.
posted by danostuporstar 25 April | 14:56
Poor Gomi! You'll do great.

Eideteker, I was a month late, too! This was before the days of coming to get ya, though. And now, they don't even let you stay nearly that long. Ahh, woomb. . .

posted by rainbaby 25 April | 18:21
Where's the fourth dimension?

It's time apparently.....

Thanks for the tips and encouragement! The kid is ready but the doctors are expecting him to be a couple of weeks at least.

My support group - including my birthing buddy - are all going away today to an island 10 hours away by boat all next week, and my husband will be working 2 hours away from here so maybe he'll pop out then at the most inconvenient time.....
posted by gomichild 25 April | 19:01
Eideteker and rainbaby, my mom was a 10-month baby, too. She was my grandmother's fourth, and things were happening so fast that the nurse got nervous that the doctor wouldn't make it in time. So she gave her a shot of something to slow things down. And it did...for a month. Grandmom was NOT a happy camper.

Sorry if this is too much information.
Sex worked for my second. (My first had the nerve to show up a month early). I was 1 1/2 centimeters dialated for three weeks, and he was a couple of days overdue. So my doctor told me to go home and have sex, which made my then husband happy. Sure enough, twenty four hours later, labor started, and three hours later, there he was, all nine plus pounds of him.
posted by redvixen 25 April | 19:30
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