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24 February 2008

List of terms of endearment What's yours?

My boyfriend calls me "matey" :D
Swee(t)Pee seems to come out of my mouth most often. Honey, Shugar and, Big Boy are regulars too.
posted by MonkeyButter 24 February | 20:16
posted by plinth 24 February | 20:36
My girlfriend refers to me as "pook" or "pookie." I tend to refer to her directly as "Miss."
posted by jtron 24 February | 20:36
I call mrs richat a number of things....lately it's been toots, chickie and juan. (her name is Jen, and we used to know a guy who insisted that Jen, in Italian, was like, szheeeAAN. It went from there.

My one daughter gets called Smoochie. It grew out of that Seinfeld episode. Now, I call her Smooch, for short. My older daughter, I mainly call by her name, or I shorten Sophie to Soph.

Now, my kid brother? I call him boyo, pally, kiddo, boychik, and that's about it.

Generally, I often call male friend pally, chief, or something rat packy. I like those names it seems. I suspect that where "toots" and "Chickie" come from too.
posted by richat 24 February | 20:38
oh jeez; i've used duder, diva muffin (i'm not dating frank zappa's kid, i swear), button, sport, squirt, blondie, and kitten. darlin' and kiddo get used liberally as well.

This list makes me sound obnoxious.
posted by dismas 24 February | 20:47
A protest that "mister mister" did not sufficiently address his professional title led to "mister mister doctor man." But I only use that on occasion, because I don't think he likes that one very much, either.
posted by occhiblu 24 February | 20:51
darling, love, my love, kid, buddy, handsome, pretty, sexy, you.
posted by Ambrosia Voyeur 24 February | 20:54
In frequent use:

Dr. Beardface (just him)
nerdlinger (just me)
little Melulu
Smatchinoo the trumpeteer

There are a few others that are private. Not lascivious --- or not all of 'em --- just private.
posted by Elsa 24 February | 20:55
hey, my Kingdom of Loathing character was named Nerdlinger!
posted by jtron 24 February | 21:42
For some reason, the curent endearment I'm receiving is "pookshapah." That's cool.
posted by rainbaby 24 February | 21:57
Ever since 1983, he (my hubby) has called me "bunny."
posted by bunnyfire 24 February | 21:57
She was Titwiggle and I was Grumblewart. Now, long after the divorce, she is Jaybird and I am Moneybags. All the girlfriends since have had the usual honey/baby/sweetie.
posted by Ardiril 24 February | 21:59
Oh, we cycle obnoxiously through various endearments just about weekly. Or, not really endearments, more bastardized versions of previous endearments. Currently, he's F-train or weirdtron, and I'm doof.

posted by gaspode 24 February | 22:02
Leeloo, lovenugget, owlboy, puddinghead, taku, piewhackit, roomahtism, diabeetus, gimpy and the shits, squirty spice, ouchie, assbag, frogger, krautballs, french lick, mchead, limey bastard, dig dug--

wait, what?
posted by ethylene 24 February | 22:09
Swootie and Patootie, respectively.
posted by eamondaly 24 February | 22:16
I call him 'boyfriend' and 'love'. Today he's calling me 'mystery fish'.
posted by youngergirl44 25 February | 00:25
Oh god. We call each other "poopie" (and "poo"). We've been known as The Poopies.

I think this comes from the same twisty thing that makes people name black cats "Snowball" and cute puppies "Killer".
posted by taz 25 February | 00:32
Babe and Love, mostly.

The dog, however, has all manner of endearing names. Schmootzy Poo. Sugar Butt. Sweet Pea. Short Stuff. Farty McTootersons.

The ex called me last week out of the blue and called me Chica. That was awkward.
posted by rhapsodie 25 February | 02:49
I call her babes, and she calls me love.

She wins of course.
posted by seanyboy 25 February | 03:24
Lilla fröken fräken (Little miss freckles - to my daughter)
Pussgurka (Kisscucumber, to my man)
posted by dabitch 25 February | 03:38
I don't have a girlfriend, but nickyskye calls me sweetie... love that!
posted by hadjiboy 25 February | 04:50
I get all sorts, currently 'heeeeurrrr' (whore in a thick Glaswegian accent), 'jezebel' (after an episode of Little House on the Prairie I saw a few weeks ago) and 'sexalicious badonkadonk'.

He is currently 'The Corporate Cutie' after cutting his dreds off last week (the longest was 2'11"), and 'my baby' is our consistent fallback for each other. We have a very expressive Peruvian friend who calls us 'Maaaaattttti' and 'Naaaatttti' so we often refer to each other by those as well.
posted by goo 25 February | 05:57
One year, some friends and I decided that all cats were "woodgies". I told my sweetie this, and we're now "woodgie" or "woodge" for short. The long form is "Woodgie woodgie woodgie woodgie snooky-wooky-wookums".
posted by lleachie 25 February | 08:42
Oh, and when I hear "honey" I know I'm in trouble. It's usually prefaced by cursing, or said loudly and urgently to get my attention.

posted by rainbaby 25 February | 09:52
The long form is "Woodgie woodgie woodgie woodgie snooky-wooky-wookums".

This just reminded me of a friend in high school whose standard response to any whining was to make an OMG PUPPY face and say, "A woodgie woodgie woodgie woodgie woo!"

I may have to re-adopt that one. On the other hand she was cute and little and unlikely to be hit. I may not enjoy the same sense of immunity...
posted by occhiblu 25 February | 10:31
posted by danf 25 February | 10:50
I usually call the mister love or my love, on occasion it's darlin' or honey or sweetie or mister. If I'm being sarcastic it's babe.

The mister usually calls me love or baby. Once in a while it's honey or sweetie.

We email back and forth all day when he's at work. The names above are used but it'll degenerate into boy, girl, hey you, missus, dude, dudette, etc.; stuff we don't use face to face. And yes, we're careful about what we say to each other through his work email.
posted by deborah 25 February | 15:43
What a hilarious list of things.

Many of my boyfriends seem to eventually land on calling me a bear of some kind, without prompting. For those of you in the gay community, this is a mystery, as I am neither husky nor hairy. Perhaps it is a reference to my appetite. Or my high body temperature. I do not sleep until late hours, either. I am mystified.

I was also "M-Bot" to another ex, who was prone to such kitschy science-fiction coinages.

My present beau and I call each other the usual sorts of things. Mister, babe, love, all that. Oddly, we never call each other by our Playa names - Kidder (his) and Dodge (mine) - even though we met at Burning Man.
posted by mykescipark 25 February | 16:09
He is: Honey, sweetie, love, babe, mister, maestro, Pokey, Postey, Pal-o-mine-o and !

I am: Posey, Posette, Little Bird, babe, sweets, shug, dear.
posted by Riverine 25 February | 22:00
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