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23 February 2008

This is what I hate about Lifehacker. It's two useful software tips per day plus one "tie a string around your finger to help remember things" tip per day. Ugh.
Avoid Hunger Pangs

Hungry? Take note of what will ease those pangs and make your tummy stop that noisy rumbling! What do do when hunger strikes? Eat. Eat food. It works. Every time! You will find food in many places if you really take the time to look. Be creative in your search for food. Try your refrigerator, or maybe a cabinet. If you are not at home you might try a cafe or a supermarket. Think outside the box and you will soon find that you can rustle up some tasty grub in more places than you ever dreamed possible!
posted by iconomy 23 February | 13:10
posted by scarabic 23 February | 13:16
Uh, yup, that's purt near zactly why LifeHacker ne'er made much hay fer me.
posted by Ardiril 23 February | 13:36
Here's a great iPod hack that also works with many other mp3 players: to make it do things, press its buttons. How do you like that hacking, you big hacky hacker you? Somebody buy that man a Dremel and an Ubuntu .iso! He's the new-millennium Kevin Mitnick!
posted by box 23 February | 13:39
What LifeHacker could do with is a feed that lists all the daily stories - it would make sifting through the dross a whole lot easier. Or do what MeFi does and have feed for just about every single thing.
posted by TheDonF 23 February | 14:30
LifeHacker suffers from the owner trying to use the blog as a livelihood, so multiple daily entries are a must, no matter the quality.
posted by Space Coyote 23 February | 14:51
Lifehacker is part of the Gawker Media Network, so BlogMogul Nick Denton is using it as (part) of his livelihood, so massive amounts of cruft content are inevitable. Still, it is the second-best blog in GawkerWorld next to Consumerist, where they put the "Gawker Attitude" to a practical use.
posted by wendell 23 February | 15:55
I like a number of things about the gawker network, actually. This will sound strange but I found the locations of their ad placements interesting. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to build usable web pages around one 300x250 and one 160x600. Making the 300x250 part of the header is brilliant. It makes the header really tall, which conventional wisdom will complain pushes the main page content further below the fold. But it airlifts said ad completely out of said main page content, which is nice. And it's a refreshing placement, as is the left-hand skyscraper. Ad buyers always want to be somewhere new. Web users are blind to the right-rail these days.

I also like how they power the "primary navigation tabs" with tags. Whatever story you're reading, the site's primary navigation is a set of related tags. This means the top tabs change every page, which is also against conventional wisdom. But I like it.
posted by scarabic 23 February | 17:12
Doesn't the name say it all?
Is a dryer sheet a laundry hack?
Is a recipe a food hack?
Does bad writing make a hack?
Yes. Yes, it does.
i have problems with the "word", and i'll say it again.
But Gawker can be quite amusing.
posted by ethylene 23 February | 17:31
Lifehacker: it's what led me to metafilter, which led me here, for better or (most likely for everyone concerned) worse. Nowadays I only go to lifehacker when I'm really bored and need an internet hit.
posted by DarkForest 23 February | 17:40
To be sure, any time they post something coming close to an actual hack-hack some whiner chimes in the comments about violating the DMCA or copyright or some other nonsense.
posted by Skwirl 23 February | 19:12
i take it as a "translation into geek" taken too far, but lord knows i've had to couch things in at least as ridiculous a manner to be understood.

There was this one guy who called everything a "strategy" or tactical something or other (can't remember, and now it's going to bug me). i was never quite sure if he had some sort of delusional problem or a language problem. My guess is that they are often intertwined.
posted by ethylene 23 February | 19:39
I think I've got too much invested in this thing because I'm such a fan of the other meaning of 'hack,' as in 'James Patterson is a hack.'
posted by box 23 February | 23:01
Lifehacker is remarkably uneven.
posted by grouse 24 February | 11:43
On my stove right now: Spaghetti for 24 || Horrible.