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27 January 2008

kd lang Hallelujah After Neil Young had an aneuryism in 2005, he cancelled his appearance at the Juno awards in his hometown Winnipeg. kd lang stepped in with a searing rendition of "Hallelujah" which ends with her in tears on the stage.
That song's been done to death but she does a nice job.
posted by octothorpe 27 January | 15:45
Oh, thank you for posting this, rumple. I was listening to Cohen's original of this yesterday and had never heard this version.
posted by ibmcginty 27 January | 15:51
I still like Jeff Buckley's the best.
posted by chococat 27 January | 15:59
People always say that and i don't get it; i have to go with the original.
posted by ethylene 27 January | 16:02
Leonard Cohen all the way.
posted by gaspode 27 January | 16:05
Oh, Leonard Cohen all the way, for any of his songs, really. But the intensity of kd lang's performance suggests she "gets" the song in a way that, say, Rufus Wainwright or Jeff Buckley just.... don't get it.
posted by rumple 27 January | 16:09
I vote Jeff Buckley. Cohen's an incomparable songwriter, but he was not born with the gift of a golden voice. I always love to hear covers of his songs.
posted by ibmcginty 27 January | 16:13
i've never been as awed with Jeff Buckley as other people seem to be. i like his dad's songs.
posted by ethylene 27 January | 16:17
That song, well, it's just...odd. I don't disagree that it's a great song, as these things go, but...

It's real. But ODD. Took some chutzpah to write it, certainly.
posted by bunnyfire 27 January | 16:27
Jeff Buckley Hallelujah

Leonard Cohen

Allison Crowe

Rufus Wainwright

John Cale

Bon Jovi
(I fucking kid you not)

Sheryl Crow (appalling)

Over the Rhine

Australian Idolist Damien Leith

Close to home, Comox Valley (pop. 5,001) Idol Matthew Foster

Swedish? Idol

Awesome home-rolled YokomeetsBuckley version

"My Sister"

posted by rumple 27 January | 16:42
I'll just be over here in the corner crying a bit. Carry on.
posted by MonkeyButter 27 January | 16:58
Ooh, thanks rumple!
posted by ramix 27 January | 17:06
Damn, that woman can sing.
posted by BoringPostcards 27 January | 17:53
huh. kd lange changed from Elvis into Bono.

Great singer, great song.

posted by rainbaby 27 January | 17:59
If only Shane McGowan would cover it.
posted by rumple 27 January | 18:05
What a wonderful rendition from k.d. And I love that she's not wearing shoes.
posted by deborah 27 January | 19:18
Now that is someone who takes music seriously.
posted by By the Grace of God 27 January | 19:26
She's got a brand new album of new material (her first since 1998, apparently) out this week, and I'm really looking forward to hearing it. You can get a studio version of lang's Hallelujah on her Hymns Of The 49th Parallel album, which is covers of songs by Canadian artists.
posted by TheDonF 27 January | 20:27
I love k.d. lang's voice, and she just owns that song.
posted by theora55 27 January | 20:29
Amazing voice. I don't really like her phrasing, but that doesn't make it any less good.
posted by casarkos 27 January | 20:42
That was so worth seeing. I got shivers all the way through.

I am so bitterly envious of those who have a gift to sing.
posted by Savannah 28 January | 23:05
Why... || The fate of Michael Vick's pit bulls.