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21 December 2007

Three point status report. [More:]
1. As predicted, I'm sore. Ridiculously sore. I got out of bed like The Evolution of Man this morning. Who needs the gym when you can drywall for 8 hours and then unload a truck full of health food for another 7? Health food is surprisingly heavy.

2. I'm also cold. Due to the sudden outbreak of employment noted above, I didn't get home yesterday evening to bring in wood and get the fire going again. By the time I got home at 2am, I was damned if I was lifting anotherr thing, let alone a wheelbarrow full of frozen wood. I was certainly not f#@king around trying to set fire to things. Baseboard heaters suck.

3. I really need to get serious about finding writing & editing work.
1. Pissed off because a theatre company forgot to include my name as the fucking playwright of a world premiere in their new brochures.
2. After pointing it out to them, satisfied that they are reprinting the whole shipment again at great expense.
3. Going for lunch, probably sushi and mailing first three bunny cards.
posted by typewriter 21 December | 14:04
1. Suddenly craving sushi.

2. Boooooored at work. There's stuff I could be doing, but even that won't take that long, and everyone's definitely in holiday chatty mode, so there's not much motivation in the air.

3. Happy and sleepy and strangely calm. I figure I'll start doing my holiday-anxiety freak-out tomorrow, but today is nice.
posted by occhiblu 21 December | 14:11
1. I made the mistake of taking cough medicine and now I'm stuck feeling like a space cadet at work all day.

2. I'm still coughing, so it's not even helping with that.

3. I am looking forward to going home after work, watching the last two episodes of Dexter on Showtime On Demand, and going to sleep early.
posted by amro 21 December | 14:12
1. My throat hurts, and I'm not sure if it's just from dry air + talking/laughing too loud at a friend's house last night, or I'm getting sick. Getting sick is NOT an option, as I am heading to visit my brand new baby nephew and family Monday. I refuse to have to stay away from the cutie.
2. I'm drinking airborne and have eaten 3 clementine oranges (yum!) so far today. (See above.)
3. I really need to get off the couch and start straightening up around here, or my friend that's coming over for an In Rainbows listening party will be horrified.
posted by misskaz 21 December | 14:12
1. Tired.
2. Hungry.
3. Can't think of anything else as 1. and 2. are making me stupid.
posted by goo 21 December | 14:14
1. Leaving work early to meet my mother.
2. Need to get another job application sent out.
3. Had to cut run short last night because of upset belly. Here's a tip for young players: don't eat lots of beans over a couple of days and then go running. Trust me on this.
posted by gaspode 21 December | 14:16
I have the flu and it hurts to cough out the gunk...but I still have paracetamol with codeine from the places I can get them over the counter. Need to dig up the Sambucol.

Am writing out the cards on my bunnylist.

My father sent me this when he knows my uncle won't be able to put me up. I usually save an x-large plastic cup from a fast food place and use that.
posted by brujita 21 December | 14:41
1. Corset will be done in time.

2. I'm on the "send home early" list for Monday, since I let it slip that my folks I haven't seen since September are in town. Yay!

posted by kellydamnit 21 December | 14:42
1) Probably because typewriter and occhi mentioned it, also craving sushi.

2) Highly amused by overhearing a co-worker argue on the phone with somebody at a bike shop. He's being totally hardass and totally charming at the same time.

3) Looking forward to my first ever Christmas spent all by myself. Will probably post about it later.
posted by tangerine 21 December | 14:53
1. Incipient-four-day-holiday-weekend chatty mode in evidence around here, too.

2. No Xmas shopping to do until tomorrow -- chauffering somebody else who ain't done. I'll find a spot to hang ount and people-watch (okay, girl-watch) while she battles the crowds.

3. Thinking about picking up some rainbow roll from the grocery deli section on the way home. And some beer to wash it down with.
posted by PaxDigita 21 December | 14:55
1. Now craving sushi!
2. Being productive despite all odds.
3. Looking forward to the Christmas baking even though I did not remember to leave the butter to soften!
posted by crush-onastick 21 December | 14:59
1) I was in town all day: went to client meeting (they were happy!) and then went into work.
2) The painter didn't finish the paint job on my office, and he did a shitty job.
posted by By the Grace of God 21 December | 15:02
Grace, you should've hired me! I'm a fantastic painter! I'd even give you a MeCha bunnylove discount! ;)
posted by elizard 21 December | 15:05
yeah, wish I had hired you, lizard!
posted by By the Grace of God 21 December | 15:14
1.crush-onastick: for the butter, cut it into small pats when you first get home. It will soften quickly.
2. busy at work -stuff needs to be done by end of day.
3. busy at work
posted by mightshould 21 December | 15:28
1. Ooh, sushi does sound good.
2. After work, I'm going to pick up a six-pack, then go to A's and help him set up his new giant television.
3. We're kinda phoning it in today. J and I just spent about half an hour reviewing security-camera footage, trying to determine who's been erasing our dry-erase sandwich board (the answer: little kids). Other J has spent most of the day talking to fax-machine telephone tech support, a Kafkaesque nightmare the less said about which the better.
posted by box 21 December | 15:40
1. Applied for unemployment insurance.

2. Not especially happy about having to apply for unemployment insurance but I do have bills to pay.

3. At least it's over now.

4. On preview -- temp agency just called me with three days of work after Christmas.

5. That's not a definite, though, because I'll be returning to NYC from out of town and I can't really promise that I'll be there at 9:30 a.m. on the 26th. I offered to come in later but they weren't diggin' that.

6. Waiting to hear back from temp agency.
posted by jason's_planet 21 December | 15:52
1// Still obsessed with my hair and it's different and wah.

1.5// Feeling stubborn in not admitting I maybesortakinda like my shorter hair.

2// My supervisor is buying lunch! And the CEO has said we were "probably closing early"! Today is great already!

3// Flickr meetup tonight to discuss a possible combined spring gallery opening. Am more nervous about showing off my new hair than about showing my photos. It's more like Alaska Flickr Live (OMG that's totally what we should call it).
posted by rhapsodie 21 December | 16:00
1: standing in the Astoria waiting for The Wildhearts to come on
2: thirsty
3: in real need of the Christmas break to get away from work
posted by TheDonF 21 December | 16:15
1. xmas shopping done, well never started. I wrote everyone in my family letters (well am writing them in my head, in print soon enough) telling them why they are awesome wonderful people and that should be sufficient.
2. I put on a few pounds after getting *back* from the middle east, not while being there. I blame bread and desserts.
2.5. was in the pool today working on that
3. friends are making chicken pot pie for me and them for dinner.
posted by jessamyn 21 December | 16:23
1. Big juicy pork chop.

2. Spinach dressed with olive oil and salt.

3. Life is good.
posted by jason's_planet 21 December | 16:27
1. Glad that I've fulfilled my obligation to see my asshole aunts for another 6-12 months. Ugh.

2. Sad that I might not be going clubbing with my friend tonight because I know that I won't go alone.

2.5. I hope I can get one more refill on my BC pills without having to go into the doctor's office. I hate that place. Too many babies.

3. So sleepy. But I know I need to get on a semi-normal schedule.
posted by sperose 21 December | 16:43
1. my colleagues whose department I don't even technically work in anymore insisted on including me in an all-expenses-paid combo Xmas lunch / farewell party for a colleague who's leaving. I adore my colleagues, and they eagerly return the favour.

2. It's snowing again, yay!

3. Boulder MeFi meetup tonight, squeeeee! My speedlight is on the fritz (this makes me sad, it's an expensive gizmo) but I'm taking the Nikon and a fast prime anyhow. I will attempt to borrow a page out of DaShiv's book and get some good available-light shots, even tho I have nowhere near his talent.
posted by lonefrontranger 21 December | 16:51
1. Supervisor took me out for sushi for lunch today (must be something in the air). It was awesome. This place was a sea of free meals, booze and fancy chocolates this week. If only that lasted post-holidays!

2. During said lunch, supervisor confirmed that they do indeed want me to come back in January, preferably full-time (from temp). I will be coming back but not too sure in what capacity, it's not a place I want to be forever. Still, job!

3. I leave for Ottawa tomorrow afternoon, which means cleaning and packing suitcase tonight. So much for partying with the peeps!
posted by SassHat 21 December | 16:56
I hope I can get one more refill on my BC pills without having to go into the doctor's office. I hate that place. Too many babies.

So true about every GYN office, it seems.
Best form of birth control is sitting in their waiting room for half an hour. Screaming babies and the women who look like they are about 30 months pregnant and wishing for someone to just make it go away. After that I'm all "GIVE ME ANTIBABY DRUGS NOW!"
posted by kellydamnit 21 December | 17:14
1. Today I got a surprise haircut! Yay!*

2. I cannot even guess what rainbow roll might be, and I like it that way.

3. A few nights, ago out of the blue, The Fella and I turned to each other and each blurted out "Wanna go for sushi soon?" We're going after Christmas.

*No, I was not ambushed by a team of stylists out in the wild. It was just spontaneous.
posted by Elsa 21 December | 17:25
1. The shoes my sisters want for Christmas are sold out in their size EVERYWHERE. Dammit. I should have stuck to my guns and ocntinued to tell those hoochies they are getting CASH for Christmas. At least I got a gift for my Mom.
2. My Dad is recovering from surgery, and can't go to see The Roches tonight with us. I was only really going to be with him, and now I have to drive to Tampa to see a concert I'm not even really all that into. Dammit. At least The Roches are good.
3. Fun on the horizon: tomorrow night karaoke, Christmas Eve and Christmas with the family, Boxing Day in Ybor City.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 21 December | 17:27
Isn't rainbow roll a type of sushi - I've usually seen it made like a california roll with 3 or 4 different types of fish across the top of the roll, so it resembles a fishy rainbow.
posted by muddgirl 21 December | 17:30
I figure rainbow roll is either some combination of brightly-colored things or, much less likely, trout.
posted by box 21 December | 17:31
Yeah, almost as soon as I posted that, I realized that rainbow roll must be some form of sushi and not (as my brain would have it) a colorful elaboration of, say, headcheese and pimiento loaf.
posted by Elsa 21 December | 17:38
1. It was still very dark when the FWAP FWAPPITY THWACK THWACKing started and i just assumed that the kitty was destroying everything as she redecorated, and i would let her.
2. Unknown amount of time passes until i decides in Popeye fashion that i "can't stands it no more," get out of bed, turning on all the lights to find absolutely nothing wrong, and no kitty.
Turns out she was in the bathroom with an old glue trap stuck on two of her paws and i am a horrible person. i have to make two quick pulls to rip it off her feet and hold her in my guilt. She jumps down and leads me to her attempt to vomit in the litter box. She didn't make it but tried really hard to cover it with litter.
She is a strange combination of meek dignity and rambunctious acrobatics (jumping onto plates one might be holding, etc.) until
3. everything goes suspiciously silent. i have no idea where she is right now. She has a partly hairless back heel and probably a paw that still taste like peanut butter glue.
i think i need coffee and i bet if i stand in the middle of the living room, she'll just appear on my shoulder. Weirdo.

i'd really like a rainbow roll.
posted by ethylene 21 December | 17:42
2a. Dad is feeling better! Possibly will attend concert this evening!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 21 December | 17:54
Update: Had sushi for lunch. It was not very good :-(
posted by occhiblu 21 December | 17:55
So true about every GYN office, it seems.
Best form of birth control is sitting in their waiting room for half an hour.

Hmm, this may be the only place where being un/underinsured may be an improvement on the alternative. I've never even SEEN a baby at my branch of Planned Parenthood; it's mostly just bored college students waiting, sometimes with their bored-and-embarrassed-partners.

That and PP in our state does the "pills-by-mail" thing if one is organised enough to do one's annual on schedule. Haven't had to go in person for anything but the annual tire kicks for a couple years now.
posted by lonefrontranger 21 December | 18:00
1. Am very definitely not craving sushi.
2. Got stuck in 2-hour traffic jam this morning. Was boring. My clutch knee hurts. (It apparently was not nearly as boring for the couple in the little sports car in front of me. Ahem. And ick.)
3. Have shitloads of shit to do before leaving town tomorrow morning. But most of the edible gifts are made, so that's good. (Indian spice mix for my brother, candied walnuts for my mom, spiced pistachios and raspberry/chipotle sauce for my dad.)
4. Cramps.
posted by mudpuppie 21 December | 18:01
1. LOL @ Goo
1.5 composed a quick cover letter
2. folded it with my resume, stuffed it all into a holiday card
3. taped it to a nice bottle of wine & hand delivered it to a company in town I think is cool and would like to work for.
posted by chewatadistance 21 December | 18:24
1. Woo! Good luck, chewie!
2. TPS--you found something for your mother? What is it? (I know this tortures you every year.)
3. Ibuprofen has kicked in. Must go get wood and set fire to it. Ugh. I am *so* going to the pub after that.
posted by elizard 21 December | 18:36
Hmm, this may be the only place where being un/underinsured may be an improvement on the alternative. I've never even SEEN a baby at my branch of Planned Parenthood; it's mostly just bored college students waiting, sometimes with their bored-and-embarrassed-partners.
It was even worse for me when I went there, to be honest. My current doc might have people with one or two kids, PP had people with six or seven.
posted by kellydamnit 21 December | 18:41
1. Today at the supermarket the handle on a multipack of bottled water snapped as I was lifting it off the conveyer belt, it landed on a tiny pot of yoghurt which exploded, splattering me, the girl on the checkout and the elderly woman customer behind us with yoghurt. You would not believe how much yoghurt is in a tiny pot when it is expelled from its container at great velocity on everyone around. It was like a yoghurt bukkake party. Hmmm, 'bukkake' is not in Firefox's spellchecker.

2. I've bought myself some lovely food to eat over Christmas. Cheeses, sausage, olives, nuts, very expensive South American blueberries, and I cooked a ham today. I boiled it (which is common in the UK) and I'll use the stock to make soup.

3. Tomorrow night I'm going to a candlelight Christmas carol service at the Royal Albert Hall.(Video link) Randomination told me at the meetup last night that he and his fiancee are going too, but it's a huge venue so I doubt I'll see him there.
posted by essexjan 21 December | 19:06
Oh, I need to go in for the annual tire kick too, I just hate the whole process because they don't understand the fact that I HATE BABIES.
posted by sperose 21 December | 19:20
1. Dealing with a mountain of work left for me.
2. Not sleeping well at all.
3. Birthday tomorrow. Another year of failing to die. Yay me!
posted by bmarkey 21 December | 19:37
1. I am home.
2. Alone. On a Friday holiday night.
3. The best thing on is "Cabin Fever" and when you think that things are going to get sexy, really the girl's flesh is dissolving, and it will be quite unsexy.
posted by unknowncommand 21 December | 20:08
1. Winter break has started! I'm off until the 2nd!! Whoopeeeee!!!! Or maybe just whooopeee, cause I am awful tuckered.
2. Lots of M*A*S*H on tonight to watch with the honey.
3. I may not leave the house for a week. Though I would like to see the tree (the Rockefeller, that is).

(funny... the babies and bellies at the ObGyn induce longing in me... seems like everyone else can do it, why not me? : (

((ethelyne, you tell a great story... I loves your kitty)
posted by Pips 21 December | 20:30
2. TPS--you found something for your mother? What is it? (I know this tortures you every year.)

Well, we kind of chickened out- she really loves Coco Chanel, and always puts anything in the Coco family on the list. So we got her the Coco body wash and the Coco body lotion. The saleswoman even wrapped it in a nice Neimans' box. She kept saying things salespeople always say like, oh, your mother will love whatever you get her, to which we responded, no, she really won't, LOL.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 21 December | 23:22
I loves your kitty

She has white hair in her armpits and bathing suit area and makes little bird sounds. What's not to love?
posted by ethylene 22 December | 00:01
1. Had a dinner party which was a complete success.

2. I started a new prescription of happy pills and I feel really good.

3. I think I may have to get out of one of my musical projects.
posted by chuckdarwin 22 December | 05:04
Shoes! || OMG! Farting Bunny Rabbit! (YouTube)