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21 December 2007

Something new: Metachat Eye, A place to show off your best photography onsite. [More:]

I've made a flickr group for this, and the page here uses the flickr application to show a slideshow of submitted photos (I've put a few of my own on there so that there's something to show).

I've invited the bunnies I could find with flickr accounts, so check your flickr page to see if you have one. If you don't see one, just go to the group page and click "join this group". Just let me know if your user name is different than your mecha name, so I know it's you.

I'm not sure how the slideshow viewer will work out if we get a lot of photos, but I'm sure that between us we can figure out a good solution if we have trouble with it.

So what are you waiting for already? Go add your hot shots!
I'll add some later (I sent you a message)?
posted by chuckdarwin 21 December | 08:16
okay! Three members so far!
posted by taz 21 December | 08:18
Added a few.
posted by chuckdarwin 21 December | 08:25
posted by taz 21 December | 08:28
Request sent!
posted by casarkos 21 December | 08:57
posted by gomichild 21 December | 09:44
Yay, I added a few pictures, although mine aren't nearly of the caliber of the ones already in the group!
posted by misskaz 21 December | 09:47
Wrong. You're shots are gorgeous!
posted by taz 21 December | 09:51
Wheee! I can haz be member!
posted by gomichild 21 December | 10:09
This is great - thabnks for setting it up. I spend way too much time browsing flickr albums, but it's always more fun when you have some sort of connection to the photographer. And what better connection than MeCha?!?
posted by Slack-a-gogo 21 December | 10:12
you gotz it, gomi!

Wow, wow, wow. Such beautiful photos.
posted by taz 21 December | 10:13
Thanks taz this is heaps fun.

*goes exploring*
posted by gomichild 21 December | 10:24
posted by BoringPostcards 21 December | 10:43
posted by mygothlaundry 21 December | 10:47
Added! Thanks!
posted by matildaben 21 December | 11:50
Goodness gracious, what beautiful photographs! I haven't had time to look at all of them yet (yay for not going back to work until January 2), but, the three I looked at, "off-stage" by mmahaffie, "Georgia O'Keeffe Considers One of Her Own Paintings," by danf, and "old asheville mica factory window and comb thing," by mygothlaundry are all so stunning. Thanks for this.
posted by Lassie 21 December | 12:01
You people are awesome.
posted by goo 21 December | 13:22
posted by cortex 21 December | 13:41
I am more excited about this than I rightly should be.
posted by rhapsodie 21 December | 13:44
Whee! 40 members and over 100 fantastic photos, so far! I love it.

But it's bedtime in Greece, so I won't be around for a few hours... so if you join, there'll be a little delay.

However, you should check and make sure I didn't already send you an invitation. Click on "Groups" at the top of your flickr page, and look for "Invites for you".
posted by taz 21 December | 16:49
Very cool.
posted by gaspode 21 December | 16:53
...just go to the group page and click "join this group".

Whoa. Very cool. But I have a lot of photos, some (like Meetup photos) are not "art", and I have a set of about 100 photos I need to start loading to Flickr one-a-day soon (if I should stick with Flickr after Yahoo bought them, and with all the recent Yahoo and Yahoo China nastiness?)... not sure if my stuff might not just clutter the page...
posted by shane 21 December | 20:22
Oh, okay, wait... we join the group then load photos individually? I see. I assumed it was like those applications Flickr has where ALL of your photos automatically go to a viewer.

This is VERY cool. I'm terrible about sitting down in front of the computer lately, though. I'll try to set aside some time to add some (and especially to look at the great stuff that's already there.)
posted by shane 21 December | 20:28
Oh shane you can load up as many pics as you want to your flickr account - but to this group only some of the best ones from the bunch (^_^).

Then we can go access all your pics and wander around anyway...

*continues flickr stalking*
posted by gomichild 21 December | 21:09
What a nifty idea, taz! Done & done.
posted by deborah 21 December | 22:21
This is so cool! But I wouldn't know what photos to put in! Y'all know how I tend to over-think things.
posted by CitrusFreak12 22 December | 02:37
Not to worry; put in some that you really like, and then change them up whenever you feel like it. I'm hoping we'll have regular activity so that it doesn't just become a static gallery.

See? You don't have to overthink because you can always change, add, and delete.

Now, show us some of that sweet, sweet CitrusFreak lens action, ya?
posted by taz 22 December | 02:45
Is there going to be a permanent link to this on the front page? Like over in that list on the left side, maybe?
posted by BoringPostcards 22 December | 11:37
got it, BP! Plus a wiki page now.

I'm not crazy about the fact that the thumbnails on the slideshow show only one page at a time, in that if you go to the last photo showing, you can't really tell that there are more pages. I wonder if we have any api wizards 'round these parts?
posted by taz 24 December | 03:59
Thanks Taz. I'm GeneTW on flickr if you all were wondering.
posted by octothorpe 24 December | 21:22
Most cool.

Away from home/work now and can't remember my Yahoo! ID thingy, but will add myself when I can. My photos are not a patch on the rest here, but I'm planning to fix that this year.
posted by dg 02 January | 05:56
Hey, I saw you used my "Dot's Cue Club" photo, thanks!
posted by Marxchivist 19 April | 10:59
There's a post about the current sidebar art here, Marxchivist. Actually, I played with a few of yours (they're so fun!) in other, different possible variations... so don't be surprised to see another one show up! :)
posted by taz 19 April | 11:30
Haven't looked yet, but sure hope it includes LoriInFla's (sic?) picture of the dog on the slide. That was a delightful shot.
posted by StickyCarpet 02 November | 14:00
I'm finally getting around to sending some stuff over, especially a bunny-themed digital painting I did. Cheers!
posted by shane 09 August | 14:14
Photo Friday: "Transportation" || Twilight of the Books