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05 November 2007

Any one down for MeCha mail art? Y'know, all Ray Johnson-like. Link

I can start it off from Jakarta.[More:]
Bonus points if the path of its travels (on a map) is teh bunnay.

Yeah I know you have corpses exquisee strung up on the clothesline. I mean snailmail.

wait, let me guess: you artsy bunnies've done this already right?
I'm not an artist per se, but I'd be down.
posted by drezdn 05 November | 13:36
I would say yes, except I still owe some mechans small cloth bunnies from over a year ago. I hope to get to it before the end of 2007.
posted by typewriter 05 November | 13:40
I suck at this kind of stuff, but it sounds fun.

typewriter - I was one of your group. Please don't send me one as I didn't get mine done either. Between the arthritis in my left hand and my bad left shoulder, I can't sew anymore.
posted by deborah 05 November | 14:06
"I say, I say, I say, my wife's just gone to Indonesia"


"No, she went on a plane"

*Big hook appears from wings and drags essexjan off stage*
posted by essexjan 05 November | 14:14
Put me in the "untalented yet willing" group because this sounds fun.
posted by rhapsodie 05 November | 14:41
ok, who'll bite first?
where's pretty_generic at? i'll only start if pg's in.

oh man, whats with all the 'i'm talentless' anyway? play along!
posted by sushiwiththejury 05 November | 14:51
deborah - but what if I *want* to fulfill my bunny-making obligations? You can't stop me... ha ha! I have your address and everything. I could send you bunny after bunny until you have to move due to all the bunnyness! I might still do them. Who knows when? It will be a surprise.
posted by typewriter 05 November | 15:08

I'm in Riga, Latvia and will mail anyone anything within reason. Sushiwiththejury: I lived in Bandung last year! Please enjoy some extra greasy gorengan for me today!

*pines for Dorce Show*
*wiggles in dangdut-appropriate way*
posted by mdonley 05 November | 15:09
deborah: Also, sorry to hear about your arthritis and shoulder.
posted by typewriter 05 November | 15:11
Oh nooo, it's a flood of bunnieeeeezzz!! And thanks for the "sorry", just wish there was some way to fix them.
posted by deborah 05 November | 16:32
do y'all think this is worth of a metatalk post? more peeps, etc.
posted by sushiwiththejury 05 November | 17:17
I'm in. I can coordinate addresses and swapsets, if that helps.
posted by theora55 05 November | 17:17
posted by Pretty_Generic 05 November | 17:47
oooh pg! hi.
ok i'm all upbeat now.
posted by sushiwiththejury 05 November | 18:07
ok. its on MeTa.
where is taz? isn't she like the kunstüberbunnay?
posted by sushiwiththejury 05 November | 19:12
I'm in.
posted by Ambrosia Voyeur 05 November | 19:38
yeah. my stab at one of the 1000 Journals ended right before it was about to begin; i feel like my life has been on hold ever since. so, i'm in.
posted by pokermonk 05 November | 21:07
Sure... Is it a mail corpse though? Like, we send the same postcard or sketchbook and each successive person adds something?
posted by shane 05 November | 23:25
I'll play.
posted by lilywing13 06 November | 00:01
i've started a mefi wiki: mail art.
shane: maybe.

dunno maybe making it superspecific might totally help?
posted by sushiwiththejury 06 November | 00:10
yay we're kickin this thing off!

lookit this meta comment and join in.

and please take 'before and after' pictures, especially if you send shit to me, i don't have a digital camera :-(

posted by sushiwiththejury 14 November | 22:50
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