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05 November 2007

SandwichFilter [More:]Sandwiches. My favorite topic.

Anyway, the women in line ahead of me at the deli today ordered the following: spinach tortilla wrap filled with cranberry sauce, lettuce, onions, avocado, pickles, sliced carrots and sprouts. Odd.

This deli has a guy carving fresh turkey for sandwiches, so I ordered turkey on toasted multigrain with avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion. It's good stuff. The CEO of my company bizarrely claims that the turkey is fake*. Not sure how he came to that conclusion.

*I'm note sure if he thinks the meat itself is fake, or if he thinks they've packed together leftover/loose turkey into something resembling a whole bird which is then carved to order.
Maybe just a really big pigeon?
posted by jrossi4r 05 November | 13:14
I believe I'm having a fried egg sandwich for lunch.
posted by mudpuppie 05 November | 13:25
I don't think a pigeon has any white meat. But a giant squab sandwich would probably be awesome.
posted by mullacc 05 November | 13:30
For me, no sandwich will ever beat a bacon, avocado, tomato and mayo on toasted sunflower. None.

My friend and I used to come home after a night out and make fried egg sandwiches and cocoa. It was our pre-bedtime hangover prevention. Yum!
posted by gaspode 05 November | 13:30
My dad did something similar with mustard on white bread and a glass of chocolate milk in his youth, I'm told.
posted by jonmc 05 November | 13:51
Ciabatta, fresh basil, fresh mozz, roma tomatoes, drop of EVOO, pinch of sea salt.
posted by sciurus 05 November | 14:00
Bread is a bad food for me to eat, so sandwiches are off the menu for me :-(
posted by essexjan 05 November | 14:14
Bread is a bad food for me to eat

What about it is bad for you to eat? Perhaps there's an alternative?
posted by dersins 05 November | 14:26
I used to go to Einstein Brothers with a vegetarian friend of mine. She would order a grilled cheese panini. Once, I went on my own and ordered the grilled cheese. They said they don't have grilled cheese. So I ordered the grilled ham and cheese, no ham, extra cheese. They rang it up as a bagel with cream cheese.
posted by youngergirl44 05 November | 15:30
For dinner we had toasted corned beef sammiches. The corned beef was the canned kind that you have to open with a key. Yeah, I probably don't wanna know what's in it.

My younger brother is a manager at a Einstein's in Phoenix.
posted by deborah 05 November | 23:26
deborah: Which Einstein's? I used to go to the location at 44th St & Indian School all the time when I lived in Phoenix.
posted by mullacc 05 November | 23:28
dersins, it's the combination of grain, yeast and sugar. I'm in recovery, and many recovering alcoholics have problems with bread, quite possibly becaues it's made of the same ingredients as beer, albeit in different proportions. Anything fermented sets off a 'binge' trigger in me.

I'm fine with wraps, but find them a bit boring, unless they're burritos.
posted by essexjan 06 November | 03:00
No clue, mullac. Sorry.
posted by deborah 06 November | 13:28
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