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05 November 2007

What a friggin' weekend . . . [More:]So last Monday our pup had her teeth cleaned. To the tune of $260, but well worth it. Wednesdays are her normal doggie day care days, so off she goes.

She was pretty normal Wednesday night, ate her dinner, just very tired (which is not at all unusual on day care days since she plays like a maniac). Thursday morning, however, she wouldn't even touch her breakfast, just wanted to lie on the couch. I chalked it up to exhaustion left over from the play day and went to work.

Thursday night she wouldn't eat dinner either, and still seemed beat. She also seemed to be limping a little, but she's come home with a sprained muscle before. So, getting a little concerned, but still not overly worried.

Thursday night she had a real hard getting up the stairs to come to bed.

Friday morning - no breakfast again, so I take her back to bed (mrs. tr33 took the day off), asked my better half to call the vet, and went to work.

Late Friday morning - phone call from the missus telling me the pup's left rear leg had started to bleed.

By the time we got her to the vet, blood and pus was oozing down her leg and she could barely walk. She also had a very bad fever, hence the not eating. They shaved the hair off on her leg and told us the skin was literally just falling off. Turns out she had gotten an injury of some sort, through which an extremely aggressive staph infection entered and wreaked havoc.

We picked her up Saturday, along with a battery of salves, antibiotics, pain killers, disinfectant, and anti-imflammatories to the tune of $670. Ugh.

She is much better though, still quite sore and tender, but improving. We were worried sick.

On top of that mrs. tr33 has started suffering from the morning (and evening) sickness. AND I had a 30-foot row of cannas bulbs to dig up and winter in the basement so every muscle in my body is a-screamin. AND Saturday night I made what promised to be a quite scrumptious looking tortilla torte in our spring-loaded cake pan, but when I picked it up to go in the oven the bottom fell out and I had tortillas, beans, salsa, soy "meat," cheese, and tomatoes all over the kitchen floor.

Oy vey. I'm almost glad it's Monday.
Yeesh. What a weekend indeed.
Would it be any better if I told you it builds character?
posted by CitrusFreak12 05 November | 11:38
Spent Sat AM volunteering at a class for immigrants planning to become US citizens -- highly varying levels of English literacy, so a few folks needed a lot of one-on-one attention. My lady love K. accompanied me downtown and went shopping (North Mkt) and museum-ing (Clbs M of A) while I helped folks.

Sat PM, at the shelter, sitting & visiting with rowdy dogs and then walking them one by one.

Sun, up early for breakfast at the diner across the road. Church and Bible study -- Genesis is one very strange bit of literature. Then a nap, a nice long walk at Sharon Woods Metro Park, a trip to the grocery, and grilled cheese (w/ pickles -- that's important!) and homemade tomato soup for supper while we watched the Browns beat the Seahawks in OT.
posted by PaxDigita 05 November | 11:39
Aw, poor little pup. And poor mrs. tr33. Hope both are feeling better soon.
posted by jrossi4r 05 November | 11:42
Bloody hell tr33hggr. I think it means you get 3 fab weekends coming up though.
posted by gomichild 05 November | 11:42
My workweek is usually weirder than my weekend. A dew weekss back, I was at the unloading desk, sorting through a cart of boxes for these two guys who were friendly enough. They were in their late 40's and looked like retired plumbers or hardhats or something. They said they were brothers and that their mom had recently passed away and they were selling off her old library. The older looking one noticed my record album pendant and mentioned that their mom had a bunch old record albums, too. I said that we didn't buy music but that there were a bunch of places that did. Out of record collector solidarity, I told him to check around a bunch of places and maybe even go online. He said 'I don't know much about that online stuff, cause I've been incarcerated for the last 20 years.'

The people you meet. Glad I was careful about what I told him.
posted by jonmc 05 November | 11:53
That's awful. I hope your pup's problems are behind her. It's a horrible disruption for everybody. To sunnier skies!
posted by rainbaby 05 November | 12:11
I was really worried that the story was going to end with an amputated leg, so I'm glad it wasn't that.

But (gentle) hugs to you and your dog and your wife, anyway.
posted by occhiblu 05 November | 12:34
Poor little pup. But on the plus side of pet infections, I've had cats that have had the most horrible abscesses and infections (oh, the time when poor Barry's face appeared to explode in a mass of pus ...) and a course of antibiotics has seen them right as rain in no time at all. Animals seem to have amazing powers of recovery and get over these things far quicker than humans.
posted by essexjan 05 November | 12:50
The vet visit today was very positive. Poor little girl has to wear the cone when we're not around to keep her from licking the wounds, but she's definitely improving. I'll be glad to get my crazy energetic pup back.

Thanks everyone; I'll pass on the hugs, to both.
posted by tr33hggr 05 November | 13:33
Ack. Weekends aren't supposed to be that rugged. Glad to hear the pooch is better, tr33.
posted by chewatadistance 05 November | 14:28
Your poor puppy! I'm glad she's doing better.
posted by rhapsodie 05 November | 14:43
Glad to read the pup is doing better, tr33!
posted by deborah 05 November | 16:30
[hugs treehugger]

The tortilla disaster would have pushed me well over the edge.
posted by Five Fresh Fish 05 November | 23:00
Happy Birthday, chewatadistance! || Any one down for MeCha mail art?