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30 August 2007

Jessamyn, Queen of All Smut! [More:]
I love jess's comment in today's AskMe thread with a specific porn request. She goes into great detail as to how to search, gives a number of actual possible titles, and practically offers to let the poster (anon) use her account.

Then, demurely, she finishes up with:

Also, I have no idea where to buy any of this stuff, but good luck!

Who'da thunk?!
posted by Doohickie 30 August | 17:40
Librarians rule.
posted by Elsa 30 August | 18:13
Of course she has no idea where to buy any of that stuff, but I'll bet she knows where to borrow it...
posted by wendell 30 August | 18:27

That just made me laugh.
posted by doctor_negative 30 August | 18:36
posted by MonkeyButter 30 August | 19:20
I was expecting a metatalk thread before I saw that it was anonymous.
posted by philomathoholic 30 August | 19:46
The real thing to take away from all of this, to me, is "Why aren't all librarians this helpful?" Really. You can't ask them sex questions, usually, you can't ask them personal questions, you often can't even ask them where to get a good burrito... they'll just hand you the yellow pages. I've been in a lot of libraries where they can't even tell me where to get wireless if they don't have it, or where to get a street map.

There is a whole human side to the weird hand-waviness that is reference work in libraries. The rarified atmosphere that most librarians practice it in is sort of somehow disconnected from the real world that the rest of us live in. I think this is a damned shame and I'm really interested in "street reference" which is sort of temporary autonomous zone reference [at burning man, at street protests, in AskMe] as a way to really show that librarians have real skillz and aren't just better or faster at Google. Anyhow, I'm glad you found it amusing.
posted by jessamyn 30 August | 20:42
"Of course she has no idea where to buy any of that stuff, but I'll bet she knows where to borrow it..."

Wow, did that ever give me an idea for a book! The League of Librarians
posted by mischief 30 August | 20:54
Hey, Jessamyn, your comment on street reference got me to Google it (yeah, yeah, wannabe librarian). That is so badass. Thanks for mentioning it.
posted by Fuzzbean 30 August | 22:27
She's a librarian! She knows everything!
posted by typewriter 30 August | 22:34
This reminds me of a dead-on comment of Jessamyn's I noticed when it occured, because I maybe wouldn't have been bold enought to post it.
posted by lalex 30 August | 22:41
I really, really, really want to know the story that lead to this question.
posted by cmonkey 31 August | 00:23
By which I mean I'm hoping that it's a long running practical joke that will eventually involve in deadly retaliation.
posted by cmonkey 31 August | 00:26
I'm sure her entire collection was found in the woods.
posted by terrapin 31 August | 08:59
GPS Question! || This post is a semi-crackpot rant that may make no sense at all.