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24 August 2007

Flat LCD monitor recommendations? Disrecommendations? I'm getting a bonus from my job, but it's one of those cheesy "redeem for gift certificate of your choice" thingjobs instead of cash. Before I claim it, I want to figure out what monitor shall replace my boxy, non-flat, twencen monitor. [More:]

I currently have a 19", so I'm looking for something around that size (possibly 20-21?). I say that because I use it for gaming and for watching video (the latter from across the room). I'd like to be able to run 1600×1200 resolution. And maybe widescreen (are the kids doing that these days)? I'd do widescreen depending on the price.

So what do you recommend? What price range am I looking at (given I'm limited to chain stores and; can't use pricewatch or newegg, etc.)?
I have this monitor (native resolution is 1680x1050) and I love it so much I should marry it. Crisp image, no problems, more slots to plug things into than I can shake a stick at, and an iPod dock to top it all off. Mmmmmmm good.
posted by WolfDaddy 24 August | 19:25
Samsung or NEC. This Samsung is a good one. They make a wide screen version, but really, you gain 80 pixels along the short edge and lose 150 along the long edge. I had this monitor before moving up to a 30" Cinema display, and as much as I like the real estate I think this was a better monitor. Live and learn.
posted by doctor_negative 24 August | 20:51
If you're considering any widescreen monitors the diagonal measurement will be a little more overstated compared to 4:3 monitors. So you're pretty on track looking at the 20-21" options.
posted by ooga_booga 24 August | 22:32
I work in IT distribution.
Samsung and NEC are the leaders in the market. Viewsonic and LG are maybe second-tier in terms of popularity.
My company uses V7 but then, we make them, so no shock there. I don't dislike them, but I prefer my Westinghouse at home in terms of color and clarity.
posted by kellydamnit 25 August | 00:37
Acer has given me the least trouble so far with the best image quality, though I've got a bunch of LGs and Viewsonics that are all pretty solid as well.
posted by jjb 25 August | 00:57
Since you guys seem to know your way around monitors, can anybody comment on the quality of Dell's monitors? I would never buy a computer from them (I'm a Mac guy) but I've been told that their monitors are very good especially when you consider their price. Is this true or is someone bullshitting me?
posted by sveskemus 25 August | 03:56
I used to work for Dell, and I personally replaced about 1000 monitors. *shrug* They're rebranded, as well... but I don't know who Dell uses these days. They're a bit like wal-fart... they work with the lowest bidder in China.
posted by chuckdarwin 25 August | 05:42
So if I can get a 20" flat panel from for $250, I should take it? Because the links you're all giving me are about twice the price.
posted by Eideteker 25 August | 07:32
I got this westinghouse 22" lcd for 199 last year on Black Friday. The image has been fine and I like the size. The speakers in it are completely worthless. The controls really suck (both their physical location and the menu system it uses), but I don't have to use them much. Recommended only if you're on a budget and find one super-cheap. I'm happy enough with it.
posted by DarkForest 25 August | 07:43
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