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20 July 2007

POTTER MANIA!!! Just got back from standing in line to get my wristband. Hope the boss didn't notice I didn't sign on today until noon :-P What sort of Potter events are people going to tonight?[More:]Please keep this thread spoiler free.
Well, geez, I'm doing whatever you're doing, baby.
posted by gaspode 20 July | 11:17
I may go see OotP tonight since I haven't seen it yet.

And then tomorrow I'll be up early waiting on delivery of the book...which pretty much means I'm guaranteed to be the last delivery in town. I'll be filling the time by doing some yard work.
posted by fluffy battle kitten 20 July | 11:19
Nothing tonight- the book is arriving from Amazon tomorrow, and then I expect not to see my partner for the next several days.
posted by BoringPostcards 20 July | 11:21
Potter Events?

≡ Click to see image ≡
you mean this guy's in town?
posted by jonmc 20 July | 11:27
I would not spoil the book or this thread or any HP parties. I'm watching a Steve McQueen movie tonight (Papillon). Have fun with the Potter!
posted by safetyfork 20 July | 11:29
I'm not going to sleep tonight until I finish it. Not after the debacle of the last book (got it two weeks after release, could not avoid spoilers).
posted by gaspode 20 July | 11:31
What sort of Potter events are people going to tonight?


posted by dersins 20 July | 11:37
no events, but will head to town first thing tomorrow to pick up a copy (provided they're not delayed by flooding) and will sit down to read a large chunk of it tomorrow.
posted by altolinguistic 20 July | 11:44
strangling michiko kakutani....actually I got an email last night saying my copy's on its way
posted by brujita 20 July | 11:46
strangling michiko kakutani

haaaaaa, you and me both. Did you write an e-mail? I just did; I think it was a very tacky thing for the Times to do.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 July | 12:02
my ladyfriend has plans to hit up happy hour after work, keep drinking till eleven, then stumble over to a bookstore and wait in line for an hour (i've pointed out several obvious flaws in this plan, but she seem undeterred)...... i guess i'll be along for the ride.
posted by dno 20 July | 12:06
The only event I look forward to is with my gardener, who is a hairy potter. my mind...
posted by WolfDaddy 20 July | 12:08
strangling michiko kakutani

I'm confused. Why? I didn't notice any spoilers in Kakutani's review of the book.
posted by dersins 20 July | 12:14
Haaaaa, cute clip.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 July | 12:36
I really like the books but I'm going to what I usually do: wait for a hand-me-down copy.

In other news, I just say the #5 movie. Man, did they leave a LOT out.
posted by Miko 20 July | 12:45
Going to U of O Bookstore, where a copy is reserved. Will fight temptation, and probably lose, to thumb through the final chapters, whenever I can pry it out of Daughter's hands.

Miko, yes they did. Changed sequencing, so certain plot points had different circumstances also. But I liked it. The book was way overbloated. As she got more powerful, I feel like the publisher was more and more timid about editing.
posted by danf 20 July | 13:11
I think that's true, danf. My sister-in-law said she was fearful that "Deathly Hallows" was going to be, like, 2000 pages long.
posted by Miko 20 July | 13:14
In other news: I think for Halloween this year my costume will be Spoiler.
posted by Miko 20 July | 13:15
There's a big party tonight in Toronto right outside the Indigo on Bay - they're closing part of the street down and turning it into Diagon Alley beginning at 8pm. I have dinner plans at 7 but want to go afterwards...though my friend has proclaimed a boycott against all books, movies and midnight release parties! :(
Perhaps I'll drag him along anyway! :)
posted by phoenixc 20 July | 13:16
I just went to Borders to get my wristband; one of the first 150!

Tonight, then, dinner + Borders around 11 or so; then home to devour it before 5a. Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight, since tomorrow I'm flying to Portland, meeting up with the boyfriend's parents (with the boyfriend, and I've already met them, so it's not like this is some big stressful thing), then joining up with another group of friends for sake+ (undoubtedly) endless rehashing of the finer points of the book. So no way in hell can I see them before I've finished it.

I'm in the middle of Half-Blood Prince; I started re-re-reading the entire six on Monday and I've only about 400 pages to go. Yes, I read fast, but underemployment sure helps a lot.
posted by Fuzzbean 20 July | 13:26
Someone on Gothamist posted a responsethey claim was received from the NYTimes regarding the Harry Potter review (see comment 9; it's slightly grayed out).
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 July | 14:22
My husband, son and I are going to our local B&N at around 11, where we will hang out with all the other Potter nerds until midnight hits. I find it amazing that a sixteen year old, who in all other spheres of his life, takes such great pains to be 'cool', yet he cannot exorcise the Potter nerd within. My husband and I have yet to convince him to embrace his inner geek and let it all hang out.
posted by msali 20 July | 14:34
Was at an Indigo at 2 o'clock and there were about 40-50 people in costume camped out.
posted by arse_hat 20 July | 16:46
So.... it's past midnight in the UK, right? Can I start looking around for the first plot reports pretty soon? (Just to satisfy my lazy curiousity, as I read half the first book and nothing since.)
posted by jokeefe 20 July | 18:28
Nevermind-- I can just read it here, where a Guardian writer will be live blogging it as she reads....
posted by jokeefe 20 July | 18:34
I consider revealing what the hallows are(though 10-31 should be a clue) a spoiler.

I went to dinner and a late movie in Soho and heard the roar at midnight outside the Scholastic store. My copy comes in the mail tomorrow; I can wait.

Gaspsode and TPS, will Jim Dale's reading be on the B&N website?
posted by brujita 21 July | 02:21
I never could get into the whole Harry Potter thing, but as an English teacher, I'm thrilled to see so much enthusiasm about a book.

And as a writer... well, if only.

Enjoy, everyone!
posted by Pips 21 July | 06:24
You're next, pips- the next big B&N party will be for "The Life of the Porch Man" by Pips MC! Thousands of fans, all holding bottles of bear and not wearing any pants! Singing along to classic rock! You'll be the richest woman in the world :-D
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 21 July | 16:53
Perhaps John Waters will direct the film version. : )
posted by Pips 22 July | 18:10
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