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10 July 2007

Look under vehicles. It's the little graphic on the left that makes this a work of genius.
so, do they cling to your undercarriage like a maniacal killer or something? Just waiting for you to get hope so they can peck you to death?
posted by puke & cry 10 July | 17:24
They loom. The giant ones. These are just babbys practicing.
posted by ethylene 10 July | 17:27
They tear through the floor of your car with their razor sharp beaks and savage you while you are trapped inside the car because they have managed to disable the central locking! Trapped, I tell you!
posted by dg 10 July | 17:31
That's awesome. Maybe we could teach them to do oil changes or something.
posted by doctor_negative 10 July | 17:58
Penguin service station?
Did me mutate the kind that likes being covered in oil?
posted by ethylene 10 July | 18:01
≡ Click to see image ≡

"Well, m'am, it's this loose muffler right 'ere that's causin' yer noise problem."
posted by taz 10 July | 18:47
Here in North Florida, we're overrun with brown anole lizards, an introduced species from the Bahamas. They eat bugs like mad, so I don't mind the hundreds that make their home in my backyard, and landscape bushes. But about once a week, I'll be driving somewhere, and one will scamper out from under my hood, and up the windshield of my car or truck 4 or 5 blocks from home, when I'm going 45 mph, and sit there, in the middle of my windshield, flipping his orange dewlap at me several times a minute, like "Nah, nah, na, na-na! Ya didn't get ME!" Until I hit the Interstate and speed up to 65 or 70, and he flies off due to wind resistance.

I think the anoles find their way to places up around my vehicle engines because they hold some heat in the early evening, and are good places to avoid bigger predators, although anoles don't have many enemies in this neck of the woods. Even feral cats won't eat 'em. It's disconcerting the first 8 or 10 times a lizard runs out from under your hood, in traffic. Now, it's SOP. Someday, though, I just know a 3 pound iguana is going to apply to be a living hood ornament, as I'm cruising down Atlantic Boulevard...
posted by paulsc 10 July | 20:32
I emailed this thread to the BF. His response:
that's the cutest little penguin ever!
posted by youngergirl44 10 July | 21:01
Want LOLPenguin macroz pleez!
posted by matildaben 11 July | 12:36
a bit of undigested potato || Pony idea?