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31 May 2007

Three point Status Update [More:]

1) Watching the Conan Clip that matteo just posted, and then will head off to work.

2) Will be going off to see Pirates of the Carribean tomorrow (Johnny Deppówoohoo!).

3) Am starting my new fitness training from today and will hopefully be all buff and cut in a few weeks:b
1) Ripping old jazz albums on my newly upgraded (1 gig, 7200 RPM disc, 4 year old WinBook), because I don't trust Comcast, and think I may be doing Jazz on Radio Mecha from the road, Real Soon Now. Great stuff from 1986 going through the CD drive now, though.

2) Waiting to hear how a pathology report from a colonoscopy for someone I've loved for 37 years, who is also a 10 year breast cancer survivor, turns out. If there's nothing to worry about, the doctor's office sends a postcard. If you need follow up, the doctor's office calls. The doctor's office called, but she was in a meeting. Damn. Damn. Damn. F**k.

3) Waiting to see how my brother gets along. His blood pressure today was 165/110. People stroke out at that level. He's back on atenolol, but it makes him woozy as all get out. Back in February, he knocked his closet door off its hinges, falling down, when he was on atenolol.
posted by paulsc 31 May | 21:02
1. I made a dress. It was advertised in the 50s as the "walk away dress," being so simple you could start it after breakfast and walk away in it to lunch. Took me two weeks. It has three pieces. My body is not made for such things. Two tiny darts. So I made it. Said "my god that looks awful" and ditched it for a couple weeks.
Took it apart last night, redrafted the entire front into three separate pieces with princess seams and a sweetheart neckline. Now it looks pretty good. Just need to do the buttons.

2. I have been so mind-blowingly tired all week, and I don't know why.

3. I can't stop gulping down water.
posted by kellydamnit 31 May | 21:32
1. Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean with a friend. Just got home ten minutes ago.

2. Paul, I hope all is well with your brother and loved one.

3. Kelly I like the pattern. Glad you made it work.
posted by LoriFLA 31 May | 22:06
1. Cooked a delicious satay beef noodly thing for dinner. Mr gaspode's high praise? "it tastes like carry-out!"

2. Excited about SF in 3 weeks!

3. Going to see Knocked Up this weekend. yay!
posted by gaspode 31 May | 22:09
1. God, I'm tired.
2. Really, really tired.
3. Well - that's what you get for leaving things to the very last possible minute.
posted by seanyboy 01 June | 00:47
1. My Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder is kicking my ass six ways to Sunday. The last couple of years haven't been too awful, but so far this summer is coming down hard.
2. Fortunately, I'm being required to take a couple of days off so that a new trainee can fill in and get a feel for the job.
3. Unfortunately, we can't get him in here until the 14th.
posted by bmarkey 01 June | 00:58
1. Just got back to the office (5.40 pm on Friday fucking afternoon!) after spending 7 hours delivering workshops on this to people who just come to these things to whine about what a bunch of arseholes my workmates and I are, on the back of delivering another one yesterday.
2. Tired.
posted by dg 01 June | 02:44
1. I'm all like, Conan clip? And then I look and it's that O'Brien guy. Don't get me wrong, I like the funny man, but to me, "Conan clip" means sorcerous heads disappearing in welters of gore, or at least bouncing slowly down temple stairs.

2. Wearing a tie when I have a sore throat sucks. It squeezes the sandpaper sides of my esophagus.

3. I dig Solomon Burke. He's sweet like Elvis, but brings it on home like Ray.
posted by Hugh Janus 01 June | 08:33
1. Hey, tell me about the head-waggle, hadjiboy. I have several coworkers from the subcontinent, and I applied some body language I read about in a book when I first met them, and they seem to really like me. I don't work with them directly, but when I go into the break room or pass them in the hallway, I wag my head side to side a little bit and smile, and I get the same response. Do you know why Indian people wag their heads back and forth? I love it; it's a path to instant friendship! Hooray for the head-waggle!

2. Item pro forma: I do number two!

3. Item pro forma: What on earth is number three?
posted by Hugh Janus 01 June | 08:57
Whoah. I have something like what bmarkey linked to, though not so severe. I dread the coming of summer, and rejoice at the first signs of autumn. I'm a freak among the summer-worshipping Greeks.

Sorry, paulsc, about your friend and your brother. I really hope both situations turn out for the best.

1) How silly can things get? All mail here comes to the same box. There is an electric bill, which may or may not be for our apartment, and which I should have, or possibly should not have paid, by today. It's in the landlady's name, but maybe all the other ones are, too - I don't know. There's an identifying number on the bill that's supposed to correspond to a tag on the meter, but the tags are all corroded and unreadable. The neighbor downstairs is old and her eyes aren't good enough to read, so she can't tell me; the neighbor upstairs is in Spain; the other neighbor, I haven't seen in two weeks... and the landlady is out of town. As is mr. taz, who might come up with some way of figuring this out. Boo.

2) Seriously? The lady downstairs gives me cooked food, or fruit, or desserts, or something, every. single. day. I bought her some very nice, expensive honey today, and some flowers, which I'll give her the next time she brings me something. This is weird.

3) I washed what I thought was a mostly dark, mohair sweater with a bunch of dark clothes, and now all my dark clothes look like I've been rolling around in cat hair. Hmph.
posted by taz 01 June | 09:37
what I thought was a mostly dark, mohair sweater

...but which clearly turned out to be a cat. And your neighbor's the one who can't see?

Freak among Greeks, hee hee! Sounds like a command.
posted by Hugh Janus 01 June | 10:06
Oh, god. My neighbor who's in Spain has two cats (that I've been feeding)... one of them is called "Whitey"... do you think... ?

How will I ever explain this?
posted by taz 01 June | 10:16
"... Sorry, paulsc, about your friend and your brother. I really hope both situations turn out for the best."

Thanks, taz. The pathology report for my friend was negative for malignancy, but she has to go back for additional endoscopy on some small lesions that they remarked, but didn't treat, pending reports on the polyps that they did take out. So it's guardedly good news tonight, for her.
posted by paulsc 01 June | 21:31
Well, that sounds better. Let's hope this trend continues.
posted by taz 02 June | 04:09
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