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30 May 2007

So, CBS bought How do we feel about that? [More:]It makes me feel dirty, and I'm considering trashing my account.
Here's a more direct link about the acquisition.
posted by interrobang 30 May | 13:37
As long as they don't royally screw around with the site I really don't care.
posted by fallenposters 30 May | 13:37
Well, having never heard of, it means nothing to me. However, $280 million for a site like that seems high, something you might have seen in '99 rather than '07
posted by King of Prontopia 30 May | 13:44
I kinda figure if they do start fucking it up, someone will come along to make something better. And yeah, this does feel like the internet bubble all over again. oh god I can't wait for those awesome tech IPO parties to come back,
posted by cmonkey 30 May | 13:46
I feel like I *really* need to invent a website and sell it for $280 million. Hell, even $2.8 million.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 30 May | 13:49
No strong feelings either way.
posted by BoringPostcards 30 May | 13:50
Not particularly happy, although I'm not completely sure why. If they start arsing it around and making it too commercial, I'm off and so is my data.
posted by TheDonF 30 May | 14:03
I bet they switch over to CNC machines and stop making the bodies by hand. Fuckin' CBS.
posted by Hugh Janus 30 May | 14:11
We - and I'm using the royal we, here, to represent my small kingdom consisting of my dogs and myself - don't care. OTOH, we're all still frothing at the mouth about the Yahoo takeover of Flickr.
posted by mygothlaundry 30 May | 14:19
I'm also not particularly happy and not completely sure why. But I never use the radio features, and I think that my life will go on even without a webpage that tracks a particular subset of my recent music listening. We'll see.
posted by box 30 May | 14:41
"The founders of will continue to independently run the social network, CBS said."

So maybe, at least for the short term, this won't be so bad.
posted by initapplette 30 May | 14:47
Eh, when I rebuilt my computer, I couldn't figure out how to reinstall the audioscrobbler with my old version of Winamp. Do they want me to use their media player now? No thanks. In other words, I haven't used it since last year. So basically, I don't care.
posted by muddgirl 30 May | 14:55
Better than Disney or Fox buying it; among the 'old media' names, CBS tends to "get it" better than most (oddly, since the 'un-merger' of Viacom and CBS, the part with the older name has been much more new-media-smart). And be extra glad it's not a media company with RIAA record labels. Still, I've never used myself; I keep all my audio files to myself, so it doesn't matter. But all the good website ideas (and most of the bad ones) are going to be bought up by one of 10-12 megacorps in the next year or so... all except MetaFilter. Not that Matt wouldn't be deeply tempted, but it doesn't have the geometric growth potential they're looking for, and that's good.
posted by wendell 30 May | 15:28
muddgirl: Instead of a plug-in they have a standalone app you have to install. It's fine though, it's not a pain in the ass or anything. I still use it with winamp.

And I'm not terribly pleased with this because I know even if they say everything is ok and nothing is going to change, that really doesn't mean anything. It'll change if CBS wants it to.
posted by puke & cry 30 May | 15:54
I was listening to the Arcade Fire stream, and they played Scissor Sisters, Arctic Monkeys, and Katie Couric.
posted by stilicho 30 May | 16:21 never worked more than a few days for me when I was on dialup, and it has not worked once since I got DSL. So, no biggie.

Get used to it, though. Company gobbling is inevitable in a market society.
posted by mischief 30 May | 16:22
we are aghast. We really liked last fm, especially tag radio, and now we don't know what will happen.
posted by dhruva 30 May | 20:16
OMG! Pacman Skeleton! || Hyper Hyper Hyper