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29 May 2007

Three Thank Yous Thank you, boss, for actually emailing me a thank you after i spent hours fixing your damn phone.[More:]

Thank you, other half, for being so nice and supportive, and for bringing home nachos!

Thank you, Glasgow, for not pissing down on me while I was innocently trying to go to work.
However, Xeni Jardin, fuck you for hammering your politics all over the BoingBoing. Hugo r00lz, nyerhe. I suppose everyone else there does it but I don't notice cuz I agree with them. I should just quit reading that shit.
posted by By the Grace of God 29 May | 13:20
You know, I had to give up BoingBoing for the same reason, I just got crabby when I read it. It was consistent enough that I realized I was being silly to read it.
posted by Sil 29 May | 14:27
Thank you, New England Mefites, for meeting up with Stynx and I.
Thank you, Twinkie, for looking so cute sleeping on the couch.
Thank you, May, for almost being over. June will be so laid-back compared to this crazy month!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 29 May | 14:46
Unlike MeFi, with BB, you can't flag it but you can still move on. That's how I am able to get through any of the 'big name' blogs from Digg to Fark. Assume 90% of everything is crap and stop and smell the 10%. Since BB allows its collaborators to write long, wordy posts on the front page that would earn the banhammer in MeFi, it requires more scrolling than most other sources, but to me it was worth it just for a two-paragraph excerpt from Ray Bradbury's new book (I can fight him over politics elsewhere, the guy just knows what Fantasy IS) and the picture of the "God of Animation" which I love on multiple levels.
posted by wendell 29 May | 15:03
I read BB a bit at work when I'm bored (which has been happening a lot lately), and I too have noticed the suckage that Jenny's posts display. I'm glad I'm not the only one.
posted by deadcowdan 29 May | 15:43
Contestants to vie for kidney on Dutch reality show || Lunchtime lifesaving drama!