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29 May 2007

Hallo boppers!
posted by Hugh Janus 29 May | 12:40
It's gettin' a bit newsfiltery around here, ain't it?
posted by mischief 29 May | 12:43
When has it ever not been, mischief?

I'm surprised that the Dutch are doing this. They always seem so... sensible.
posted by mudpuppie 29 May | 12:46
Reality IV
posted by Hugh Janus 29 May | 13:45
*sigh* I would live in the Netherlands or California if either has less people.
posted by chewatadistance 29 May | 13:47
I'm surprised that the Dutch are doing this. They always seem so... sensible.

You're joking, right?
posted by Smart Dalek 29 May | 14:25
I would really like a kidney that didn't hurt every time I eat or try to sleep. Or a kidney pie, for that matter. On the other hand, I would rather be eviscerated by conservative eels than appear on reality (/finger quotes) TV. So I guess I'm not really in the running.
Do you really need a kidney, flo?
Or do you just want one.
posted by ethylene 29 May | 16:53
I just want a shiny new non-hurty one. I don't see my kidney specialist for another week or so, but so far as I know, the injured one works. Except for the pain. And that it may be responsible for my new high blood pressure (and hence the need for medicine that gives me a constant headache on top of everything else).
So, yeah - I'm just whining. 'Cause I missed out on the grumpy thread.
What do they give you for that?
If you get sepsis on me i will be so mad.

Meanwhile, for the right enormous price, i have a spare--
posted by ethylene 29 May | 17:12
FWIW, this is a show for a public network, i.e. the shock-to-make-loadsamoney factor doesn't really figure into this. Note also that the network's founder died much too young of a chronic kidney disease.

In short, it's certainly a stunt, and a morally reprehensible one at that, but not one to score massive ratings, but rather to stir up public debate about organ donorship.

And Hugh Janus: kudos for knowing that, and Filmpje!!!
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane 29 May | 17:27
For the high blood pressure and general Kidney health, I'm on Lisinopril. I haven't heard anything definite from my doctors, yet (they're being pretty cautious), but my pharmacist says she won't be surprised if I end up taking that (or something similar) for the rest of my life. For pain, I can take small doses of Tylenol during the day, and I still have a few Percocet left to help me get to sleep at night (the kidney hurts the worst when I lay down). For blood thinning, I'm on Coumadin. For whining and grumpiness, I'm hoping one (or more) of you will tell me to shut up, already. (Thanks in advance.)
But being partially Dutch is incurable.
i'm just going to smack you a little in a mildly saucy manner. Hope it doesn't overstimulate your Dutch side.
posted by ethylene 29 May | 17:39
(I'm mostly Dutch too, Flo, which is why I really wanted to spread the word that we're sensible.)
posted by mudpuppie 29 May | 18:17
I also thought the Dutch were a sensible people.

*shakes head*

Then again, I wonder if I can get an extra kidney and keep it on ice? You know, just in case.
posted by deborah 29 May | 19:16
I can't tell you how excited I am about... || Three Thank Yous