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28 May 2007

In re. octopi I had a dream last night about Homer Simpson turning into an octopus.[More:]

Perfectly drawn and all. Homer started turning a shade of orange and his lymph nodes bulged. Marge kept ignoring it. The bulges grew bulges and became more tentacular, and his head elongated. Homer took to bending over the bathtub and snarfing up spaghetti with his tentacles.

Bart knew that he'd lose his dad if he didn't do something, so he began turning into an octopus too. At the end, Homer was riding over the ocean on a giant Water-Harley as the rapidly octopising Bart looked on.

Is this based on an actual (perhaps Halloween) episode or am I a creative genius?

In other news, I have to go to work tomorrow. I hate it. Need some sort of drugs so I can do basic life tasks without incapacitating stress. The week of heck I just went through makes my mind and body reluctant to go through any more unpleasant and stressful situations. I'd just like to hide from everyone.
In other news, I'm going to try to do a research paper. I've not done a research paper in 7 years. I am tired of being a secretary. Academia sounds horrible as well but so does every job. Maybe once I'm healed etc. I'll feel better. I've asked a research methods q on AskMe.
posted by By the Grace of God 28 May | 14:13
Actually, BTGOG, you may have just spoiled the ending of "The Simpsons Movie"...
posted by wendell 28 May | 14:16
But I never saw the simpsons movie. So my brain spoilered it for me!
posted by By the Grace of God 28 May | 14:17
There was an episode of Family Guy where Stewie turned into a land octopus, and a Halloween episode where Maggie grew tentacles.
posted by Capn 28 May | 14:17
I wasn't going to see the Simpsons movie, but if it has spaghetti in bathtubs (with squid ink sauce squirted out of Homer's tentacles?) and Water Harleys (emitting foam and bubbles from the exhaust? with menacing tsunami waves airbrushed onto the bike?), I might.
posted by PY 28 May | 15:47
For the record, I have NO inside information re: The Simpsons Movie and neither does BTGOG. But if the writers had seen this a few months ago, they would've been justified in stealing it.
posted by wendell 28 May | 16:25
In a first-season episode, Bart has a toy octopus that looks a lot like Homer. In an episode from one of the last two seasons, the couch gag is a sort of high-speed evolution, with Homer moving from one-celled organism to modern four-fingered man. And somewhere in the middle, there's Mr. Sparkle. That's all I've got offhand.
posted by box 29 May | 12:07
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