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27 May 2007

What's worse than flubbing the words to the national anthem during your gig at the big game? See for yourself.
Oh, I would have just STAYED DOWN. Faked a coma for weeks.
posted by ColdChef 27 May | 13:00
Hee! Normally I cringe in sympathetic embarrassment at such footage... but for some reason this cracks me up. Something about her very swift willingness to abandon the endeavor, come back, and abandon it again.
posted by scody 27 May | 13:02
She went back for her lyrics sheet. I'm telling you, head trauma is better for her career than that.
posted by ColdChef 27 May | 13:04
Right up there with Amazing Grace getting butchered (but without the fall). *
posted by ericb 27 May | 14:17
ericb: Good to see that making fun of the handicapped (either deaf or retarded) can still make people smile. heheh
posted by mischief 27 May | 14:28
mischief -- two points. What makes you think the person singing is handicapped? And two, who said it was funny?
posted by ericb 27 May | 15:06
Some people will cringe in seeing the woman botch the U.S. National Anthem and then fall hard on the ice, just as some will cringe at the hymn being so poorly sung. Others will laugh.

I am a 'cringer' -- and one who doesn't find humor in television programs like 'Candid Camera,' 'Punk'd' or 'Jackass.'
posted by ericb 27 May | 15:11
I cringed; felt really bad for her (although hopefully she could laugh it off later).

Reminds me of the incident during the NBA playoffs a couple years ago. A 13-year-old (Jodie Foster look-alike) sang the national anthem and promptly forgot the words. Portland coach Mo Cheeks rushed over to prompt her with the lyrics, and she eventually finished the song even though he was singing off-key in her ear. The crowd helped her out too. It was totally uplifting.

Video link at the bottom of this page.
posted by mudpuppie 27 May | 15:27
I felt empathy for the girl forgetting the lyrics, cringed that she wasn't prepared with a lyric sheet in her pocket, & laughed in sympathy when she fell on the ice. But I had to turn off the video of the guy singing Amazing Grace. A decent singer caught unprepared is painful for me to watch, but a certifiably awful singer holding an audience hostage "in the name of Jesus" is just more than I can take.
posted by miss lynnster 27 May | 15:32
Just want to welcome Miss Lynnster....

posted by mudpuppie 27 May | 15:58
His speech at the beginning has the tang of either a deaf or a retarded person. What makes you think he is not handicapped?
posted by mischief 27 May | 16:38
Aww, mudpuppies link is cute!

Also, that's a fairly kick-ass song when it's sung clearly and well.

I like Canada's better, 'cause it's all about the lovin', not the fightin'. To wit:

"O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!

From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee."

Huh. I thought God got bumped out a few years back. Or maybe it was something about the Queen that was removed.

We Canucks seem to like keeping our heritage fresh. We're continually updating Charters and Flags and Anthems and shit...
posted by Five Fresh Fish 27 May | 17:28
Lots of people have flubbed the lyrics in this situation. It should be de rigeur to keep them in your back pocket.
posted by scarabic 27 May | 21:46
mudpuppie, thank you for linking that. It is one of my Favorite Sports Moments EVER and it makes me weep with joy. Immediatly what I thought of, too.
posted by rainbaby 27 May | 22:08
In all fairness... it's a US/Canada game, and it looks like she entered through the Canadian side. So it wasn't her anthem she messed up.
(All the games here play both, which means I know the Canadian as well as I know the American, but I understand that isn't the case as you get further from the border.)

I also prefer the anthem of our Northern neighbors. I don't know, singing about bombs and rockets, it just seems distasteful given current world politics.
posted by kellydamnit 28 May | 08:47
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