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26 May 2007

And just as i got inside the sky broke open. New shoes, groceries and getting cruised in the stores[More:] but i kept thinking all the cute girls were barely legal Scientologist for some reason. The men were probably just into asian porn.
Oh hell, i didn't mean to hit post just then. Oh well.
Got some coconut oil. Gonna try it on everything.
Will report back on its wonderousness or just be excessively greasy.
Lord, it is raining like the world is gonna end.
posted by ethylene 26 May | 17:15
Really, here it's beautiful. Me and Hugh are gonna get fucked up. It'll be cool.
posted by jonmc 26 May | 17:22
It just stopped. i hoped to get somewhat upped myself.
posted by ethylene 26 May | 17:30
Send some rain down here eth- we're dry as dust.
posted by BoringPostcards 26 May | 17:35
I wish it would pour here.

I want to drink a couple beers tonight also. I can't stop thinking about the calories. Starvation diet is still in progress.
posted by LoriFLA 26 May | 17:35
It's hanging around for the next day or so. i used my limited mojo to keep me from getting soaked.

They say you should never be starved, Lori. It makes your body think you're starving and lowers you metabolism. i'm sure you know what you're doing for what you want, though.
Scusi, peoples. i have to try and get good shots of the Bees kitty.
posted by ethylene 26 May | 17:54
Yes, I agree completely. I'm not really starving. I'm eating around 1200 calories a day and it just feels like I'm starving. I may have to drink a couple. It's another Saturday night.
posted by LoriFLA 26 May | 17:59
Well, I just ate an entire thing of Lebanese toum with pita bread. So I now smell like a giant walking clove of garlic... I think garlic is oozing out of my pores. Probably best for all concerned that I stay indoors and out of smelling range today.
posted by miss lynnster 26 May | 19:52
Tired, cold, wet, hungry ... and sad. || This is one of those movie trailers