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25 May 2007

*waving from SF* Just popping in to say 'how-do!' on my bi-monthly day off. How's things?
you're bi-monthly? Is your pastor aware of this?
posted by jonmc 25 May | 11:34

*pounces on Fris and whuffles her with great enthusiasm*

How are you???
posted by Specklet 25 May | 11:35

Hey lady, I'm going to be in SF for 2 days next month. I mean, I know you'll be working and all, but... ... ... ... ... ... ...
posted by gaspode 25 May | 11:45
friz!!!!!!!! Hi, baby!

There must be a gaspode meetup. DO WANT.
posted by taz 25 May | 11:50
Be careful. 'Pode tends to attract the fuzz.
posted by jonmc 25 May | 11:52
Yo. Good to see ya.
*catches the Frisbee gently with her teeth, wags tail*
posted by mudpuppie 25 May | 12:22
yay! hello! hello!
posted by small_ruminant 25 May | 12:34
*whuffles the Speck, blows kisses to taz, snuzzles the 'pup*

'pode, if I know the dates, I'll do my absolute best to get them off; they owe me...BIG TIME.

jmc, I am the fuzz.

Flo, quick story: had a couple chumpsuckertowheads at a table the other night giving me a very good natured hard time, but a hard time, nonetheless. I told one at the beginning that he was nothing but trouble and later on he warned me about his buddy, claiming he was trouble. I looked from one to the other and said, "Pot meet Kettle." There was a beat of silence before they roared in laughter. Mad props, Professor, I had you there in spirit.

Ohhhhh, s_r, I so have not forgotten, I promise!
posted by Frisbee Girl 25 May | 12:48
Yep yep, I fly in on Tuesday June 19th, at around 12pm. And have to be in Monterey at around 2pm Thursday 22nd. So I have the time in between.

omg that would so fucking rock if you got the time off
posted by gaspode 25 May | 12:55
the 21st, rather.
posted by gaspode 25 May | 12:56
WooooT! I can't think of many better reasons to not go to work!
posted by Frisbee Girl 25 May | 13:07
Hey, Fris, what's been doin' in Frisworld?
posted by ethylene 25 May | 13:29
same here, fris- I have everything in a folder but I haven't figured out an order.
posted by small_ruminant 25 May | 13:39
Howdy, Frisbee Girl!
posted by Hugh Janus 25 May | 14:13
Miss you, Frisbee Girl!
posted by deborah 25 May | 15:30
So that lady drinking ice tea out of a pitcher in the pitcture on top of the page frequents this lovely site? And she graced us with her presence about 2 days ago? Nifty!
posted by PY 27 May | 23:50
That ain't no iced tea, PY.
posted by mudpuppie 28 May | 00:58
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