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25 May 2007

Linux gamers? What games do you play? I'm looking for something that I can play offline, and is lots of fun. Otherwise, anything goes (I think). Any suggestions? [More:]

To start things off, I enjoyed Starfighter. It was polished, complete(!) and fun. Unfortunately, it was short, and I finished it. (I also figured out how to cheat by editing the saved games with a hex editor). Still, highly recommended.
Emulators and browser games. I'm sorry--that's not very helpful. Oh, and maybe now's a good time to observe that Tux Racer is pretty crappy.
posted by box 25 May | 13:43
Neverwinter Nights has a native Linux version. I've never tried it, so I don't know how well it works, but it's out there.
posted by deadcowdan 25 May | 14:06
Defcon is hella fun, and the Linux port works perfectly.
posted by cmonkey 25 May | 14:27
Thanks for the suggestion, deadcowdan, but I can't really play any online or networked games - I'm on dialup. I was under the impression that NWN is an online-only game, Wikipedia classifies it as a MMORPG. Can it be played offline, by a single player?

cmonkey: I tried the Defcon demo, but it really wasn't that captivating. Not a lot of depth, you know?
posted by bkudria 25 May | 14:46
Wii and PS2 mostly.

On Linux I played NWN years ago. Most of the FPS games get ported rather quickly, especially from iD.
posted by togdon 25 May | 14:54
Oh, and NWN is definitely single playerable, it's more fun online with friends though.
posted by togdon 25 May | 14:55
NWN can be played stand alone.

A fair number of games can be played passably to well using Cedega, but that has a small monthly fee, and is "non-free" both in speech and in beer (I think). How much that bothers you, I don't know. It's one of those things I have been meaning to look into one of these days, but I still do my gaming on XP. Although once someone has a truly good DirectX-alike, that I can play games on without ripping out more than two thirds of my remaining hair, I will give Windows the kiss-off.
posted by King of Prontopia 25 May | 15:00
sure, King of Prontopia, Wine/Cedega games are ... fair game. Any suggestions for windows game that work in Wine? I'm looking for fun games that I can play for a bit and put down again, but that are still engaging.
posted by bkudria 25 May | 15:23
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