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25 May 2007

I'm back from 'holiday' If you call a long stressful week with family a holiday. Pros: I got some ducats![More:]

Grandfather of clan gave each grandchild a small loot-ery, and I also got some gold jewelry and related lesser loots. w00t!

Debt, prepare to be PAID OFF. Screw you, interest!

I am so glad to be home.

I think my dad must has asperger's or something, also my little brother. He and the stepwitch have a lovely new child, though.

What's new with you?
"...What's new with you?"
posted by: By the Grace of God at: 15:08

Not much. Good to see you got back safe and sound. Congrats on the step-sibling.
posted by paulsc 25 May | 18:20
Where'd you go, BTGOG? Isn't your family in the states (or am I misremembering)?
posted by mudpuppie 25 May | 18:24
The big show-ey clan is in Toronto; the aspergery dad is in the states.

The half-sibling is almost 4, death-by-cute, and is very smart. He's always asking why and carrying on a perfectly good, if slightly loopy, conversation. Everyone dotes on him and spoils him rotten.
posted by By the Grace of God 25 May | 18:31
I'm glad some good came out of the family visit. It's great to have you back, (((Grace))).
posted by deborah 25 May | 21:50
I'm glad there were things to make it a bit easier.

New with me? More delays with the place--Junkpros insurance finally came through, but they didn't let me know right away. The perfect carpet for the living room nearly got sold in FL, but I grabbed it just in time. The spoiled prince upstairs still hasn't let me know if a picture can be taken of his hallway--I'll have to call my lawyer about this. I had a nice dinner with family tonight...I'd wanted my aunt and cousin to meet each other, but they didn't quite click the first time; tonight it was clear to each of them that they had stuff in common. The son of my father's friend is a baby daddy from a one night stand---our generation was raised to know better! Use condoms!
posted by brujita 26 May | 00:29
Great to see you back, BtGoG.
posted by essexjan 26 May | 16:26
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