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24 May 2007

Cross Post Request for Help In case this flies off the AskMe front page and someone here may be able to hope me. I need help finding a real estate agent in Port Charlotte, Florida.
I know that growabrain is a realtor, but he's based in CA. Maybe he could suggest someone or represent you? I'm not versed in the mysterious ways of realtors, so I don't know how it all works...
posted by iconomy 24 May | 15:12
terrapin, I wish I had someone to recommend. Port Charlotte is on the other coast and so far away from me. I have a friend in Fort Myers, which is closer. I will send her an email. How about Prudential Realty or Remax? They're quite prolific in my neck of the woods. I'm very surprised the particular realty company you're dealing with isn't returning your phone calls.

This page(s)
may be helpful. When you click, "view details" individual real estate agents are listed.
posted by LoriFLA 24 May | 16:21
Terrapin, I'm sorry Century 21 isn't answering you-did you know they are a franchise? We have two or three here locally just in Fayetteville. (My husband is a sales manager for one.)YOu may be just dealing with a crappy franchise site-or they may have handed your email to a slow agent (It happens.)

When he gets home I will ask him if he has any connections in Port Charlotte. Meanwhile if you have a realtor YOU trust in your local area why not ask him or her for a referral?
posted by bunnyfire 24 May | 17:03
I will see who my aunt is using down there. (They are looking at winter homes in port charlotte.)
posted by fluffy battle kitten 24 May | 18:02
I am familiar that C21 franchises. I originally found another company based on a franchise of Weichert's in Florida. We used Weichert when we lived in Maryland and LOVED our agent, but she said she was unfamiliar with the Weichert franchise in Port Charlotte. We went with them anyway and were underwhelmed.

C21 sent us a letter when they saw our listing expired. I sent email and got no answer. I called and had a nice conversation with a nice woman. I discussed our options with my wife, and called the woman back and said we were interested in listing with them and to send me the paperwork. Nothing. I called about 3 weeks ago and asked the woman I had spoken with before what was up, and was told the main agent (broker maybe?) was going to write up the listing and send it to me and that she was busy. That was 3 weeks ago. I don't deal well with noncommunicative people working FOR me. So I am not giving them my business.

I appreciate everyone checking their connections. Thanks!
posted by terrapin 24 May | 19:54
Please email me if anyone has any leads so I don't have to keep checking this thread :) Thanks!
posted by terrapin 25 May | 11:12
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