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23 May 2007

The Black Eyed Peas ARG. My humps boggle.
posted by stilicho 24 May | 00:14
Gee, I wish the album were better.
posted by grobstein 24 May | 00:21
Yeah, the album hasn't grabbed me at all. There's some reviews on saying that it's the best thing he's ever done! With Teeth was patchy at best, this one is even weaker. *Looks at The Downward Spiral and Broken* I guess we'll never see anything like those again.
posted by TheDonF 24 May | 02:34
Haha! Loved the interview, though... that was great.

By the way, I've become fascinated with the game. Here's the wiki for it.
posted by taz 24 May | 03:25
I thought that With Teeth was a generally uninteresting album with three or four decent tracks at best, but I love Year Zero. The best circumstances to listen to it are with headphones all the way through in one sitting, though.* And the noisy bits (end of track 5, e.g.) were an acquired taste for me.

*A friend of mine recently said to me (when we were talking about this album!), "I can't believe you listen to albums like that! You're so old-fashioned!"
posted by Prospero 24 May | 07:19
I've have one record left that I owe a major label, then I will never be seen in a situation like this again.

Oh, PLEASE let him get pissed off enough to pull a Metal Machine Music type stunt for that last record. That would be awesome. :)

I loved With Teeth, while Year Zero is good but hasn't really grabbed me yet.

Also, Trent is looking kinda hawt these days with the short hair.
posted by BoringPostcards 24 May | 08:03
I would love to paypal Trent $4 for this album, that sounds very fair. He dosen't even have to provide any kind of download, I can manage that.
posted by andrewzipp 24 May | 09:38
"Oh, PLEASE let him get pissed off enough to pull a Metal Machine Music type stunt for that last record. That would be awesome. :)"

That's about the only way he could be relevant again.

Though, to be fair, I listened to the album and liked it whenever I wasn't paying attention to the vocals. Then I went out and downloaded TDS, PHM, Broken, Fixed and FDTS. Further Down seems like about the best one, but all of 'em have some real crap on there. I justified downloading them because I bought all of those albums at one point or another...
posted by klangklangston 25 May | 12:09
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