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22 May 2007

Tell me three things I should do on my day off Thursday.
Spa day.
Talk in Russian accent all day.
Hot air balloon ride.
Become a bodybuilder.
Set up 3-card-monte stand.
posted by Hellbient 22 May | 12:01
Get an ice cream cone
Read a trashy magazine
posted by smich 22 May | 12:08
Are these things that you _can_ do, or that we think you should do?

The Hot Air Balloon Ride sounds like fun:)

Also, Bunji-jumping. Why not put the two of them together?
posted by hadjiboy 22 May | 12:11
Take yourself out for a really nice lunch.
Seconding the trashy magazine.
Clean out your junk drawer. (It won't take very long, I promise.)
posted by Specklet 22 May | 12:12
Shoot the bastard.
Hide the body.
Spend the money.
posted by eamondaly 22 May | 12:39
Update your podcast.
Update your podcast.
Update your podcast.
posted by danf 22 May | 13:00
Sleep in.
Get crunk.
Make prank phone calls.
posted by tr33hggr 22 May | 13:04
Eeee, way to lay on the guilt, danf (I KNOW, I know- life has been so busy!!!!)
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 May | 13:07
Eeee, way to lay on the guilt

TPS - I am sorry you read it that way. I meant it as a compliment.
posted by danf 22 May | 14:43
1. drink
2. eat junkfood
3. watch TV
posted by jonmc 22 May | 15:14
Heheh, I know.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 May | 15:15
Go to the ICP museum and see the Stephen Shore exhibit.

Dine on sushi nearby.

See "The Lives of Others."
posted by Hugh Janus 22 May | 15:17
More nothing.
Even more nothing.
posted by loquacious 22 May | 15:18
come to the shake shack with me! it's flower-flavored custard day!
go to a museum that you haven't been to.
walk around central park.
posted by YouCanCallMeAl 22 May | 16:29
Bronx Zoo
Lunch or early supper at Arthur Avenue (the real Little Italy)
See Spiderman III on the giant IMAX screen (with popcorn!)
posted by Pips 22 May | 17:00
Sleep late.

Get resoundingly, joyously, riotously, neighbors-beating-on-the -wall laid.

Eat a wonderful meal (with wine, I hope) after plenty of sleep and crazed sex.
posted by PaxDigita 22 May | 18:24
I agree with the mani/pedi idea.
Maybe also get your brows waxed or threaded (if they need it.)
Grab a good book and take a long hot bath (before the mani/pedi.)

Take the twink to a park!
posted by fluffy battle kitten 23 May | 01:55
Note to South Park. THIS is how to do truly subversive humor, || So, growing up, which relative did you idolize the most in your family?