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22 May 2007

Note to South Park. THIS is how to do truly subversive humor, complete with one of the better conspiracy theories I've heard this decade (5 minute YouTube, final joke payoff is cut off, probably will soon be yanked down by FOX)
I love South Park.
So your comment makes no sense to me.
posted by seanyboy 22 May | 12:40
It's OK, your love of South Park makes no sense to me, so we just have to agree to disagree and put each other on our "people to eliminate when I rule the world" lists.
posted by wendell 22 May | 13:04
luuuuuuuved that episode wendell!
posted by tr33hggr 22 May | 13:09

Do You Want To:
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3) List Names
4) Exit

Please Choose:> 1

Add A Name
Who Will you need to eliminate:> Wendell
Why Will you need to eliminate:> Hates South Park

You Entered [Wendell:Hates South Pa]:
1) OK
2) No.

Please Choose:> 1

Do You Want To:
1) Add a Name
2) Delete a Name
3) List Names
4) Exit

Please Choose:> 4

posted by seanyboy 22 May | 13:14
seanyboy! you got yours automated? I'm still using an Excel spreadsheet. (You couldn't put that up on YSI for me, would you?)
posted by wendell 22 May | 14:05
And I don't HATE South Park; it just doesn't make me laugh as much as, say, "24" or "The Price Is Right".
posted by wendell 22 May | 14:07
I gave up on a list of people who I will annihilate when I rule the world (Excel doesn't have enough rows)- I found it easier to maintain a list of those who I will generously allow to live. I keep it in the MetaChat username database.
posted by dg 22 May | 16:06
South Park can be funny, but I think it suffers sometimes because Trey Parker and Matt Stone have too much editorial freedom and not enough discrimination with regard to their material. A lot of the show's gags are quite obviously inside jokes that narrowly reflect the sensibilities of the small staff of writers and their drinking buddies. As a result, the show's humor can go pretty far up its own ass. (This could be referred to as the Sandler/Schneider effect.)
posted by Atom Eyes 22 May | 16:21
I think I get where the final joke was going if not the ultimate payoff - showing Fox programming for the hypocrisy it is, given its news' editorial slant.

For years now, I've said, "We distort. You deride." It's just more infotainment, only for a different audience than PBS or CNN.
posted by PaxDigita 22 May | 20:39
Why Bush hasn't been impeached || Tell me three things I should do on my day off Thursday.