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22 May 2007

It's the last week of American Idol! Let's discuss the performances inside.[More:]Round 1 definitely went to Blake. Jordin did not sing "Fighter" with the attitude needed to do it well. I wish Blake's reprise performance had been "Time of the Season," though.
I'll give round 2 to Blake (of course my hatred of country music might play into it! ; ) ) and round 3 to Jordin - that song was practically tailor-made for her to sing!

Still, I am powervoting for Blake tonight.

And yay for Daughtry!
posted by sisterhavana 22 May | 20:13
Buh-bye Blake. Jordan wiped his ass with that last song. All of those who were rooting for Melinda (like myself) will be casting their vote(s) for Jordan. As well, Blake's "beat-box" rap is just, oh-so, too novel, cute and "high school talent-showy." Buh-bye, Blake.
posted by ericb 22 May | 20:22
Haven't gotten the show here on the left coast yet, but I am NOT anti-spoiler, so... did Paula have her nose bandaged or was she wearing an extra five pounds of makeup? Because it made the news that she broke her nose in an accident involving a chihuahua (the dog is OK).

And FYI: American Idol's Daughtry is going to be one of the featured performers at the California MidState Fair (it's really a County Fair), in July, as well as Aerosmith, Bob Dylan, Martina McBride, LeeAnn Rymes, Foghat, Godsmack and, of course, the rodeo and monster trucks. I just find that collection of performers (even if they're all on seperate nights) kinda wacky!! (and Daughtry got third billing)
posted by wendell 22 May | 21:11
Paula's nose looked fine, oddly enough.

And for the record, I'm still mourning Melinda BUT I powervoted for Blake because I am so sick of the constantandunrelentingJordanpimpery. She ain't THAT good yet.

(with apologies to Essexjan, natch.)
posted by bunnyfire 22 May | 22:32
I'd like to see Jordin be more of a performer, but her vocals are really good. Blake gets under my skin like a splinter, so if he wins I will never watch the show again.
posted by tr33hggr 23 May | 07:24
I'm joining in this thread because I'll miss Idol on Friday due to being in Manchester, plus I am not completely fussed who wins (as long as it's not Fake, er, I mean Blake).

Blake is a twat. That is all. I have spoken. Carry on.
posted by essexjan 23 May | 08:24
Looks like "Grease is the word" is drawing to a close too. Thank God. Just sent a text off to tell my friend that despite her request, I'm not voting for her son. Hopefully, she'll see my side and not go mental at me.
posted by seanyboy 23 May | 08:52
posted by seanyboy 23 May | 08:58
I like both of them, but Jordin is the better singer. Of course, this contest really should have been between Jordin and Melinda.

I really disliked that schlocky ballad that seemed to have been written for a female diva-style performer. Seriously, what was Blake supposed to do with that?
posted by initapplette 23 May | 10:00
Jordin kind of irritates me. But she will win, I'm sure. I hope she doesn't turn into a huge religious right activist.

I really like Blake -- I think he has a lot of style and will do well. I tried to vote for him but no getting through.

One question -- why did Blake have to sing the weird new song written by the Seattle guys, while Jordin got to sing all "regular" songs?
posted by Claudia_SF 23 May | 10:33
I heard Blake was buddy with Maroon 5, if that is what you are talking about...not that I am keeping up with that.

I WAS gonna go watch the finale at my married daughter's house (grandbun!) but honestly I think I will stay at home and putter whilst my hubby watches the series finale of Lost.

I've pretty much gotten resigned to the fact that Jordin wins. But winning is just a night. It's what you do afterwards that matters. And that Daughtry song they ended with? I hadn't realized one of the lyrics goes something along the lines of "be careful what you wish for, you might just get it."

(Oh, and did you realize that if Jordin hadn't won a local AI contest she wouldn't even have been in this season? When she went to regular tryouts she didn't even get thru the FIRST CUT.)
posted by bunnyfire 23 May | 11:52
Claudia_SF, the last song Jordin sang was the Seattle guys' song.
posted by initapplette 23 May | 13:54
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