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21 May 2007

posted by chrismear 21 May | 15:17
I know from experience not to believe people with the last name Heckel.
posted by Hellbient 21 May | 15:19
What's usually in them? Sand?
posted by cmonkey 21 May | 15:20
They were having a "quality problem" in which employees decided to fill punching bags with used underwear?

Dude. That's not just a quality problem. That's some majorly creepy employee angst.
posted by brina 21 May | 15:25
Sand, yeah. The weirdest thing about this is that you'd need a hell of a lot of dirty underwear to fill a punching bag. How would you even have access to that much underwear?
posted by puke & cry 21 May | 15:27
So that's where my shorts went.
posted by jonmc 21 May | 15:33
Here's my theory: a bunch of disgruntled staff decided to use company funds to purchase new underwear and use the old underwear to stuff the bags.

Now, how many more of these bags are floating around? I love to see a final tally. I'm hoping it's oodles and oodles just for the random fun of it all!
posted by LunaticFringe 21 May | 15:36
I call baloney. Or, if you prefer, bologna.
posted by Specklet 21 May | 15:39
Uh-huh. Watch sales skyrocket, as people pray to be the next lucky recipient of a bag full of used underwear.
posted by iconomy 21 May | 15:43
I still have nightmares about the time my 8-year-old self discovered what was inside of Stretch Armstrong.
posted by Atom Eyes 21 May | 15:43
That's a crazy fuckload of underwear. All i can think is that it's from some airport's lost luggage. Even cheap underwear would make that hundred of dollars of underwear. It just screams yard sale.
posted by ethylene 21 May | 15:50
The weirdest thing about this is that you'd need a hell of a lot of dirty underwear to fill a punching bag. How would you even have access to that much underwear?

I can't imagine that it would be much cheaper than sand, but you can buy bulk used clothing by the tonne (and that's why you sometimes see photos of poor kids in Africa wearing PIPEFITTERS LOCAL 928 WITCHITA shirts), and since places like Goodwill aren't usually able to sell used underwear, it might be a very cheap thing to acquire.
posted by cmonkey 21 May | 15:52
At last! We finally know what the Underwear Gnomes are doing with the underwear they steal.

Step 1: Collect underwear
Step 2: ??? Put Underwear in Punching Bags
Step 3: Profit
I'm furiously favoriting your comment in my mind, weretable.
posted by Atom Eyes 21 May | 15:59
Finally, that underwear gnome thing actually makes sense. Brilliant.
posted by puke & cry 21 May | 16:05
weretable ftw!

(But I suspect cmonkey has the correct answer. Spoilsport.)
posted by me3dia 21 May | 16:11
No, weretable is right. It's time I fessed up: I'm an Underwear Gnome.
posted by Doohickie 21 May | 22:01
bulk used clothing, as cmonkey said. I have a punching bag filled with similar things, cut up t-shirts, singlets and so on. Makes for a great filling - heavy and resilient, and I have on a couple of occasions dipped into it when I need a soft cotton rag for cleaning. These bulk rags are always cleaned, the smell may just be the musty smell some clothes generate or maybe it was somehow moistened and became stinky.

I'm not surprised that it was filled with underwear, I am surprised it was deemed newsworthy.
posted by tomble 22 May | 00:59
I noted 7 slides to illustrate the story. With a shot of one thong, all by itself.
posted by PY 23 May | 06:17
Trains to Brazil || In a few hours I will be on a plane to Europe.