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20 May 2007

Where were you today? I was on top of a mountain.[More:]Technically it wasn't today, but regardless- where were you today?
I was in my house, where I always am. In Kansas.

What's a mountain?
posted by interrobang 20 May | 00:44
I was at gaspode's house, dancing with Eideteker. That man can shake it!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 20 May | 00:56
Crawling underneath a plastic tank full of gasoline in a confined space while wishing for a cigarette.
posted by ironlizard 20 May | 00:57
I was at the Maker Faire in San Mateo. But I didn't take any great photos.
posted by small_ruminant 20 May | 01:07
(This is occhiblu.) I was also on a mountain, with ikkyu. We hiked on Mt. Tam for three hours today. So beautiful. Redwoods and ferns and bay trees and robins and perfect perfect weather.
posted by ikkyu2 20 May | 01:20
I was not on a mountain. I did not leave the house.

Ho hum!
posted by CitrusFreak12 20 May | 01:32
I was going to meet up with friends and go see the Mark Mothersbaugh postcard exhibit at the Jem gallery and then go for a drink, but it seems I'm fighting off a cold. *bleah*. Instead I bought a ton of meat for Elizard. (sure, ok, that sentence looks really weird, but it's true! well, not a ton, but a lot. and felaffel (phloffel? flofl!) mix.) It's all heavy, and you may not end up getting the 3L of olive oil. :/
posted by Zack_Replica 20 May | 01:41
I was at the "off-leash dog area" (really just a big unfenced mud pit) with my miniature schnauzer Lacey. And then I was at a greenhouse fondling all of the new growths, telling them in lovely terms why I don't have room for them all.
posted by rhapsodie 20 May | 02:19
I was at home with my kiddos. My guy was at work.

posted by lilywing13 20 May | 02:22
I was in gay leather bars in the SOMA district of San Francisco, introducing a "straight" friend to the scene. Prior to that, I was at home, cooking garbanzo beans.
posted by treepour 20 May | 02:32
Beautiful photos, BP! There's one of these granite dome mountains in Texas - Enchanted Rock. Drove by it once and intended to go back but didn't get around to it before I left the state.

Me, I've been home all day. The mister and I were going to go vehicle shopping but the rain and a nap intervened.
posted by deborah 20 May | 03:42
Being pissed off. I had arranged a big hiking trip for my birthday in the Makhtesh Gadol with 6 friends. Then last night two backed out. Then this morning, two more did. I was left holding the bag. In the end we decided three people wasn't enough to justify the expense of the trip.

So instead of hiking through stunning Negev landscapes, I'm sitting in the library working on bibliography. Meh.
posted by felix betachat 20 May | 03:56
I was at my apartment complex's puny pool, sungathering and swimming about happily, in the absence of any pressing tasks needing my attention. *bliss*
posted by po 20 May | 05:31
DC picnic meetup. Great weather, great neighborhood, great people.
posted by danostuporstar 20 May | 06:43
Sittin' outside with the pooches who happily lay in the shade, surveying the yard while I tried to diminish the extreme whiteness of my legs.

It's crystal clear here this morning - you can see all the leaves on all the trees, even the ones more than 100 yards away. Low humidity, low 70's really, really nice. Trying to enjoy it before the sauna arrives until October.
posted by chewatadistance 20 May | 07:52
I sat in the dark corner, hugging my feet and hoping the shadows would not creep closer.

Then I had a PB and J!
posted by Lipstick Thespian 20 May | 08:48
To all the bunnies who were out in the wilds: I'm jealous. BP, those are amazing photos and I love your shirt!

I went to the lab, then to the market, watched the end of the Sens/Sabres games (WAHOO!!!), then it was off to help finish moving a friend and finally off to a friend's house for a bbq, good company and even better food. It was a good day.
posted by LunaticFringe 20 May | 09:14
I just finished entering a 48 hour film competition. Our assigned genre was 'puppet'. Thankfully we had a handpuppet to, er, hand, and Henkel Trocken the hedgehog will be the future of horror.
posted by Sparx 20 May | 09:46
Well, now yesterday, I was entertaining relatives in the city. And shopping and carrying around a screaming toddler. There is a metaphor of a mountain somewhere there (Golgotha?), but no, not a real mountain.

I also saw The Moon for the Misbegotten with Spacey and Best, and my heart is broken. A wonderful play and excellent performances. I have a renewed love for the setting directors too. In fact one of my very thoughts when I saw the set was how successful some of the mecha bunnies would be in that.
posted by carmina 20 May | 09:51
(This is occhiblu.) I was also on a mountain, with ikkyu. We hiked on Mt. Tam for three hours today.

(Jealous jealous jealous!)

(And -- the new system for meet ups over on MeTa is broke. There is a wandering wafting thread about maybe kind of two meetups coming up in San Francisco or maybe the East Bay ... I suppose we need to go over there and straighten things out.)

I was at a barbeque yesterday (I hope this questions is about yesterday! today I've only woken up). I brought "congo bars," blond brownies with chocolate chips and walnuts. My dog went and was good and cute. I thought about flirting with a cute guy there but then my "friend" Inappropriate Scott kept loudly stating, "Claudia, Kenny's straight and single!" in front of everyone so of course I had smile blandly and basically stay on the other side of the room. Grrrrr.
posted by Claudia_SF 20 May | 10:32
I was at the Station to pick up my mom and sis in the morning.

Then I was at home.

Then I went out to a coffee pub in the evening and had a delightfully, tall glass of Devil's Own Cafe Frappe.
posted by hadjiboy 20 May | 10:48
maybe kind of two meetups coming up in San Francisco or maybe the East Bay

Okay it's not quite as bad as I said -- there are two dates identified, one for Tilden and one for GG park. But no details re where to meet. And no one new-ish would be able to wade through the thread -- I think new posts are needed (despite the sidebar thing-y).
posted by Claudia_SF 20 May | 10:49
I'm home recovering from Pode's party. what a night.
posted by jonmc 20 May | 11:27
i wuz in ur base killin ur doods
posted by ikkyu2 20 May | 12:03
In the land of fluffy things giving a kitty a belly. She is now double her weight in chicken.
posted by ethylene 20 May | 12:12
omai gahd. Eth's kitty just killded me. I are dead now. From the cute.
posted by taz 20 May | 12:19
Ugh! She just left. i'm gonna go into kitty withdrawl. Where's the Bees? Damned weekly visitation.
posted by ethylene 20 May | 12:38
I was on a ladder. Mountain-like, sort of. Painting. Funny, the color on the card doesn't look like salmon, but that's what it is when it hits the wall.
posted by goatdog 20 May | 17:16
Painting today too. White, white and more white. We're putting the condo on the market next week so I'm painting and fixing things like mad. We've got an agreement to buy a 137 year old townhouse on Pittsburgh's northside so we have to get out of the crappy 70's condo we've been living in. Once we buy the place (if the deal works out) I'll have 7 very large rooms to paint.
posted by octothorpe 20 May | 18:57
Working today. Worked yesterday. Working tomorrow.

But I did have time to assemble a new garden trellis and introduce it to a clemantis I have growing wildly. I also put up a new hummingbird feeder, and waited anxiously to see if they'd approve. They did. Then it rained, which is good for my plants!
posted by redvixen 20 May | 19:12
I was going to meet up with friends and go see the Mark Mothersbaugh postcard exhibit at the Jem gallery and then go for a drink, but it seems I'm fighting off a cold. *bleah*

Hey, Zack_Replica, I know the people who run Jem. Are you in Mount Pleasant/East End?
posted by jokeefe 21 May | 14:19
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