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17 May 2007

I've been rereading this tome of the Great One's for the past couple days and seeing how it's our second birthday, I think somebody needs to design us some biker colors. Then we need to get in a rumble.
And then somebody gets chain-whipped.
posted by cobra! 17 May | 10:50
Nah, nobody fucks with the Mechazens!

*reaches for boot knife*

(the colors could be cool, we even have chapters for the bottom rocker: Mechazens Astoria, Mechazens Chi-Town, Mechazens Frisco, Mechazens Jersey, Mechazens Brooklyn, Mechazens Portland...on and on...)

Get to work graphics wizards!
posted by jonmc 17 May | 10:55
I've got a linoleum knife and some No-Doz so I'm all ready to go. If I was a biker I'd have to ride that fat guy tricycle though, because I promised my moms I wouldn't ride a motorcycle ever again.
posted by Divine_Wino 17 May | 11:16
No, I mean we do the chain-whipping...

I actually tried to put together a logo just now, but allsIgots MS Paint, and it just wasn't happening.
posted by cobra! 17 May | 11:24
If I was a biker I'd have to ride that fat guy tricycle though, because I promised my moms I wouldn't ride a motorcycle ever again.

Well, that would be fitting, since you'd be President/ Sergeant-At-Arms/Bottle Redemption Officer of the Brooklyn chapter.
posted by jonmc 17 May | 11:39
I like the idea, but have no graphics skills, and I am sad that I'd be the only member of the Mechazens Northern Ontario...Maybe we could have a Mechazens Misc? Then, the Virginia Beach, and Greece, etc onesies could be in a group? Hmm?
posted by richat 17 May | 11:44
You'd be Mechazens Canada.
posted by jonmc 17 May | 12:04
Alright, I've been on the phone all morning lining up rumbles; it looks like MS13 can pencil us in for a 2:30 next Wednesday morning, so we'll need someone to bring guns for that one. Volunteers? Okay, mark the following Tuesday open, we haven't negotiated a time yet, but we'll be fighting the United Blood Nation, the Vatos Locos, and one of the big Italian syndicates (they're not saying who until next week); it's gonna be for a big chunk of drug turf so I want you guys to get plenty of sleep Monday afternoon. I got us a spot with a real tough roller-derby team from Venezuela called the Beaver Cleavers the very next night as a cool-down; no weapons allowed but otherwise no holds barred. That's gonna start at, lets see, 1 AM Wednesday morning? I know it sounds light, but no excuses unless you're in intensive care, we don't want a repeat of that 18 St. rumble, jonmc was pretty upset about being stuck full of knives while the rest of you played hooky, and I'd like to keep the eye they left me. So, if that's all, uh, thanks for coming, keep your calendars open, and feel free to stop by my office if you have any questions.
posted by Hugh Janus 17 May | 12:47
Mechazens Canada eh?
posted by richat 17 May | 12:54
Figure that there has to be say 3 members ina region to comprise a chapter, so you spread it to the smallest area that will have that many. I think there's a few Vancouverite MeChazens, so maybe you'd be Mechazens Canada East.
posted by jonmc 17 May | 13:04
The best I can do is offer up my patch again:
≡ Click to see image ≡

Oh, and I can't make the 1AM rumble, but you bet yer shiv I'll be at the 2:30. I only use an Exacto knife and a beach ball. The beach ball is for distraction. Works asskickingly well.
posted by Hellbient 17 May | 13:09
I just want to make it clear, the 2:30 rumble is next Wednesday, the 23rd, and the 1AM rumble is a week later, the 30th. We're doing the 30th rumble for the usual charity, so you all have to go round up some sponsors; I know, what a pain, you can go collect signatures at your favorite bar. I told corporate we might be on the news and they'll be rush-ordering a set of hobnailed boots for each of us, so make sure you give HR your sizes before you leave the chapter house today. Oh, and whoever touched my Jack Daniels bottle, be sure to kiss your fingers goodbye before bed tonight. Thanks everyone, let's get out there and kick some ass for cystic fibrosis!
posted by Hugh Janus 17 May | 13:36
Good news everyone! I just worked a deal out with Meridian Real Estate - in addition to their normal generous donation, they'll be matching our usual $100 bonus donations for every gauged eye!
posted by Hellbient 17 May | 13:45
No, see, I said something funny.

Mechazens Canada eh?
posted by richat 17 May | 13:47
Hoser. ;>
posted by jonmc 17 May | 13:55
≡ Click to see image ≡

Magnificent Bustards of Metachat?
posted by taz 17 May | 14:06
Mechazens Mediterranean (taz, matteo, and (honorarily) carmina) to the rescue.
posted by jonmc 17 May | 14:08
I'm not real good in rumbles. But I'm awesome at running my mouth in a manner that starts rumbles. Will that do?
posted by jrossi4r 17 May | 14:14
Can I be Prez of the Cookeville , TN. chapter? Live to ride , ride to live and all that. = Image =
posted by nola 17 May | 14:33
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