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16 May 2007

I have been sick for three days and want sympathy [More:]I've had a fever which has had me alternating between chills and sweats, I've been sleepwalking--and dumped a half gallon of ice cream over myself while doing so--all my friends and relatives happen to be out of town, my kitties don't care, and my doctor just says rest and fluids.

I JUST WANT THIS DAMN WHATEVER IT IS TO BE OVER! ~whine~ can I have some sympathy hugs/whuffles/cabana boys?
Did somebody say my name?
posted by Cabana Boy 16 May | 12:07
On the positive side, I'm watching everything Helen Mirren has ever been in (except Caligula which is the most violently disgusting movie I've ever seen). And even though Prime Suspect is awfully depressing, and it might be the fever talking, but she is the most amazing actress I've ever had the pleasure to watch. She's glowing. Okay, I think that is the fever talking. Back to the couch.

posted by WolfDaddy 16 May | 12:08
/me sends sympathy vibes

Caligula is pure camp nowadays.
posted by mischief 16 May | 12:11
I had some kind of mystery super-flu a few weeks ago, I was so feverish that I basically went off to the land of the lost for a few days. Thousand yard stare, totally incoherent, it was awful. I thought I was Caligula.

You totally have my sympathy.
posted by Divine_Wino 16 May | 12:14
*beams healthy vibes at wolfdaddy*

I wish there was a way to send someone chicken soup over the computer. Kinda like the food dealies in Star Trek but real. That can be activated via email. That would be cool.
posted by LunaticFringe 16 May | 12:16
A big forehead kiss to you, Wolfdaddy.
posted by jrossi4r 16 May | 12:16
Awww... I give you sympathetic tender whuffles.
posted by Specklet 16 May | 12:21
*sending waves of sympathy*

How dreary for you! Except the Helen Mirren ouvre. Have you had a chance to see Hussy? Oh, she's so young, and oh, it's so awful.

Unlike everyone else in the whole wide world, I enjoyed The Clearing, for its low-key thrill approach. Plus, Helen Mirren in a swimsuit, looking every bit her age and gorgeous. Don't see much of that in movies.

p.s. im in ur myspace friendin ur profile. Feel better!
posted by Elsa 16 May | 12:29
Good vibes to you.
posted by Hellbient 16 May | 12:31
Get well soon Wolfdaddy.

I'll see if I can Fedex a cabana boy.
posted by arse_hat 16 May | 12:36
I've been a bit under the weather myself (not nearly as bad off as you, though). This damned sickness stuff needs to stop! Here's hoping it stops very soon for you!
posted by treepour 16 May | 12:47
Oooo - poor WolfDaddy! And I've missed you online- I just don't run into you as often as I used to. Get well soon! The dazed part at least is sort of fun. at least I've always liked it.
posted by small_ruminant 16 May | 12:51
Feel better!
Oh noes, this is much worse than Man Flu!! Shackle your leg to the bed and surround it with pillows so you won't go far. Put the key on the table next to your bed, of course. And listen to your doctor! And hold this against your cats for the next few days after you get better.

Feel better Wolfy.

Heh. I just noticed. WolfMother. WolfDaddy. Heh.
posted by CitrusFreak12 16 May | 13:18
Listen to IRFH, not to be alarmist, but I recall his health woes started with a feverish sickie that turned in pneumonia... there is just WAY too much illness among the top Mechazens these days. Get well, and that's an order! As an incentive, no Cabana Boy until AFTER your temp goes below 99. Sorry, tough love, tough shit. And one more tip: check out a Seinfeld rerun at least once daily; if Jason Alexander starts to look good to you, then the fever has taken a turn for the worse, go directly to the ER. Thank you.
posted by wendell 16 May | 14:00
≡ Click to see image ≡

Feel better, sweetie!
posted by taz 16 May | 14:09
get well! and rent some movies?
posted by Mrs.Pants 16 May | 15:00
Remember to hydrate, bro.

You're doing it right if you need to pee about every half an hour. Bodily processes -- notably your immune system, with which we're concerning ourselves here -- operate with water as the medium of biochemical exchange, and if you're running a fever, you're at increased risk of dehydration anyway. If you got any instant soup or ramen, have some of that. Drink a little Gatorade if you're feeling shaky -- your electrolytes might get messed up.

And hey, Wolf -- stout heart. PD sends.
posted by PaxDigita 16 May | 15:21
Sympathy! I had it in March; godawful, but after 3 or 4 days I was shakily better and then in 10 days I was fine. Of course, I have a nice new cold now, but there were at least a couple of weeks illness free there.
posted by mygothlaundry 16 May | 15:24
So, Wolfdaddy, if you're going to watch everything Helen Mirren has ever done, you must watch 2010, where she is a Russian cosmonaut on a long-term flight along with Roy Scheider, Bob Balaban and John Lithgow. It's not very good, but it has its moments. This is the first movie I ever saw her in.

And good luck with the sickness thing. Hope you get well soon.
posted by deadcowdan 16 May | 15:56

Pamper the heck out of yourself and get well soon!
posted by deborah 16 May | 16:07
THANK YOU ALL BUNNIES! I went and had some non-feverish (or at least non-sleepwalking-sleep), woke up feeling much refreshed and am having some soup right now! Good thoughts are working. I whuffle you all! And Helen Mirren (who, DCDan, I first saw in 2010 as well, a movie I like much more than 2001. I couldn't believe she wasn't actuall Russian!)

Okay, I'm thinking I need a bit more sleep -- who knew eating soup took so much out of one? -- but I thank you all very very very very VERY much. I really needed your kind words and thoughts. :-D
posted by WolfDaddy 16 May | 19:21
Oh, and elsa, would you myspace msg me and let me know which profile is yours? Probably because every spammer/phisher in the Myspaceverse knew I was feverish and prone to making strange choices, I have like 20 friend requests today. Strange.
posted by WolfDaddy 16 May | 19:27
I couldn't believe she wasn't actuall Russian!

She used to be Ilyena Vasilievna Mironov (No, really)!
posted by matthewr 16 May | 19:29
*tucks WolfDaddy back in, freshens his tea, pops in new movie*
Feel better soon!
posted by redvixen 16 May | 19:40
To our Poet Laureate:

'Tis a pity you feel fev'rish and strange,
Too weak even your linens to change.
Hold on just a bit longer
Your bod will become stronger.
And chin up ... at least it's not mange!
posted by rob511 17 May | 01:01
(WolfDaddy, I can't believe I mixed you up with WolfDog, the MetaChat poet.) In any case, feel better!
posted by rob511 17 May | 01:16
WolfDog's a hottie, so I'll take the confustion ;-)
posted by WolfDaddy 17 May | 09:09
"ask mecha" - a stupid computer question || Anticipation + Excitement =