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15 May 2007

We're there, just in an alternate dimension.
posted by danf 15 May | 17:02
We're not so much a country as a mobile cuddle party, with caravans full of kittens and rabbits. We're like the gypsies of the island.
posted by muddgirl 15 May | 17:20
Wandering gypsies, distributing whuffles wherever necessary.
posted by redvixen 15 May | 17:29
That's because it's the same as the enchanted isle of Brigadoon.
posted by Miko 15 May | 17:39
This is one of the many islands in the Filter Chain, which doesn't fall under the sovereignity of Metafilter proper and thus doesn't appear on official maps.
posted by cortex 15 May | 17:57
And if MetaChat were not a separate island from MetaFilter, the trolls would kill off all the bunnies.

Sooner or later, somebody will draw a larger regional map with MeCha, MoFi and Matt's 23 other websites... but not me.
posted by wendell 15 May | 18:02
And then somebody will create a Google maps interface to it, and then, then we'll be posted on boing boing.
posted by seanyboy 15 May | 19:01
"MetaChat is a land forgotten"

You say that like it's a bad thing.
posted by mischief 15 May | 19:03
Yeah it's stupid-retarded that jobs and projects are in there but no MeCha. Where's Remixed, for that matter? The wiki? Mofi???? FREEQUONSAR.COM?????????
posted by scarabic 15 May | 19:05
MeCha is not on the map because it's on a different planet.
posted by dg 15 May | 19:35
We're like the people in Dawn of the Dead living in the mall, with the entrance to our living area hidden behind a fake wall so the zombies won't find us.

posted by BoringPostcards 15 May | 19:43
Uh...Brigadoon wasn't an isle...
posted by plinth 15 May | 19:46
Hey, if we get added in, can I get my own little corner of MeChaland named Storyville?[preens]
posted by Orange Swan 15 May | 20:36
I call Bonobo Heights.
posted by Hugh Janus 16 May | 07:57
Oh, OK, brigadoon was a village. Oops. For some reason I remembered it as an isle. Ah well...
posted by Miko 16 May | 09:42
posted by drezdn 16 May | 10:34
Ah, so that's what Brigadoon is. It's mentioned in Four Weddings and a Funeral, and I've been mildly curious about it ever since (but not quite curious enough to ever look it up).
posted by matthewr 16 May | 10:57
So, I thought I was having a bad day... then || Who's out of whack?