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14 May 2007

What do your dog or cat id tags say? [More:]I got new tags for Binky and Lulu today. Binky got a blue bone-shaped tag that says:

Lulu got a silver bone-shaped tag that says:
Holy Terror

The dogs are also micro-chipped.

My cat does not have a tag because I keep her psycho ass indoors. She is content enough with her surroundings that I don't remember her ever trying to get out in the last five years.

Two people made the tags (the gal that did the first one had to go open a second register so a guy took over) so I didn't realize one says (area code) phone-number and one says area code-phone-number. Which is not a big deal cause the phone number is correct on each but I would have liked for them to be in the same format.

And yay, Binky knows his name now. It took him a couple weeks but he gets it now. He also sits, shakes, and knows DOWN. (To be fair, somebody taught him those at some point in the past and he just needed reminder lessons.)

What do your pet tags say?
I never actually got around to making ID tags for my cats. I watch them like a hawk to make sure they don't ever go outside though. The last time they got out they were so scared shitless they practically begged me to get them back inside. I suppose I do need to get those tags anyway.
posted by puke & cry 14 May | 23:56
#my cell phone

I'll be moving soon enough (hopefully) that I didn't want to put more than that on there. She's microchipped, but I haven't gotten around to registering it yet. And she needs a new collar soon.
posted by kyleg 15 May | 00:42
My miniature schnauzer's, a silver bone, says:

Lacey Mae %lastname%
Sweet Pea
%my cell #%
posted by rhapsodie 15 May | 00:54
Unfortunately Binky's tag is wrong. It should say "Porkchop".

My cats won't wear collars, all attempts to make them wear every type of cat collar has failed miserably, they actually take off the collars and leave them, unfastened, lying side-by-side, usually with a little dead bird next to them.

So I've given up on it now, but they are microchipped with their ID. I have this urge sometimes to take them to the supermarket and run them across the scanner at the checkout to see what it would say.
posted by essexjan 15 May | 01:04
Just the dog has tags:
phone number

The city dog licence people apparently send around folks to find out if you have a dog and if it's licenced. Our turn was last night. So she's wearing her name tag, dog licence and rabies tag.
posted by deborah 15 May | 09:33
My dog's tag reads:
MyFirstName MyLastName
Dallas, TX

I need to get her a new one, though, as the engraving on this one is pretty shallow and it's getting tough to read.

She also wears her rabies tag, city license, and microchip info tag. Needless to say, she doesn't much sneak up on anyone.
posted by ufez 15 May | 09:41
My cat has no tag, she's an indoor gal.
I wonder if we should get one, but the way she went into full scale freakout when I tried to put a collar on her (she tried so hard to get it off that she cut herself), it doesn't seem worth it.

There's two deadbolted doors between her and outside, so sneaking out is a nonissue, since there's never been a time both are open at once when she isn't locked away in advance.
posted by kellydamnit 15 May | 10:11
Crosbie just has his licence tag. It says:

Los Altos Dog #4125

I love the way it says "Dog" on it, as if you couldn't tell.
posted by tangerine 15 May | 18:27
Eep! || An update: